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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by soo_fan, Dec 14, 2003.

  1. soo_fan

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    Hello to all from texas. I am posting a pic of my track plan, that I am putting into a spare room and also a little bit into my bed room.

    N scale, Minimum radius 18". Rail head height off floor, 58" or 4' 10" to you measuring impared. The upper part of the plan that has the loop staging and the stub yard, also act as interchanges.

    The loop is the Milwaukee road and the stub yard is the Chicago and northwestern. Seeing as the main road is the Soo Line.

    Circa early 80's to mid 90's. With future plans to include the SOO in the 2000 decade as a rail road that was never sold or merge with another. So seeing 70 mac's painted in the SOO will not be strange, and not that ugly candy apple red stuff either.LOL

    Another idea I had was to make a belt rail road, hence the name........ Wisconsin Belt Railway,,,,WBR, or even the BRW,,,,Belt railway of Wisconsin.

    On the Plan the long wall to the left, has two doors for access. Both swing out from room. The top left is staging and interchanges, that is one door. The other is located on the same wall but 6' further down the wall. Well tell me what ya'll think, and maybe you might have abetter idea that me. If any of you have 3rd PlanIt, I can send the 3pi file so you can tinker with it..Adios wyatt[​IMG]
  2. Tileguy

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    The Cheese Route!!!
    Nice trackplan Wyatt,(i said so before elsewhere) Very ambitious but oh what a pleasure to operate when its finished :thumb:
  3. soo_fan

    soo_fan New Member

    TG, ain't no going half way on this, all the way or nothing. Yeah , yeah. I know yoy replied else where, but just trying to get a feel for more ideas, you never know. I could change it again.:eek: :D .

    Well time to watch NFL football, adios wyatt
  4. csxengineer

    csxengineer Member

    underneath layout.

    I love the fact that you talented guys can cut wood in a circle and avoid the box look that my layout has. My only advantage is that I made doors and storage for underneath (lawn mower, bins, etc). Do you guys store stuff underneath, or leave it open for wiring?
  5. Just one question...

    Where's the door? how do you get in there?

    it looks like you have a huge amount of track right at the door.

    as for curved wood, the secret is a Jigsaw :)
  6. alkcnw

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    Hey Wyatt, the layout looks good over here too!!!!!:D
  7. soo_fan

    soo_fan New Member

    Thanx Andy, just trying to spread out the posts of the plan and get as many responses as I can,,,,,BTW, SOO rules over MILW,,,,LOL,adios wyatt
  8. belg

    belg Member

    I'm no expert and don't know how you access your layout but if it's against the wall you better have some sort of cutout in the center to be able to work on the far side.I very envious of the RR space you were able to confiscate. Pat
  9. hancop

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