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  1. Stephenr216

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    Well I think I might have finally produced a satisfying track plan, after 9384 unsatisfactory attempts. But before I buy all the extra pieces I'll need to build her, I present her to you, the experts, for final approval :) Any suggestions and criticism are more than welcome.


    The upper right will be a farm/ranch supplying cows, milk, apples, oranges, wheat, hops and all sorts of other fruits and vegetables; the upper left will be a main street with shops to accept shipments directly from the yard, or from the industrial section; The bottom left will be the industrial yard including a meat packing plant, a creamery, a farmers supply house, and a brewery. There are also a couple of passenger stops thrown in there to move the peoples around.

  2. seanm

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    Nice! What are the actual dimentions of the layout? Are you going to bae able to access it on all sides and reach the center?
  3. sams

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    7'x5' layout?
    you may want to give yourself space on all sides...
    if you have to put against a wall, then consider the "short" sides.
    otherwise you may have trouble reaching some areas.
    looking at the plan....
    are you planning any elevations in the track?
    it doesn't seem conducive to it.
    imo, best suited for as "flat" layout.
    i like what you did in the lower left "bubble".
    you can put a nice large industry there, and have great switcher action.
    the triple track on the bottom....station?
    for your main yard at the bottom, i recommend taking the last track...
    and instead of the 19" off the switch...add another switch going back to the 2 track spur...
    if you connect these, you can use that track as a "runaround" for the switcher doing classification.
    if you can, please add industries, structures, terrain to the plan...
    this will help to see the "flow" of the layout better.
  4. Stephenr216

    Stephenr216 New Member

    Thanks for the comments!
    I like that runaround Idea! I'll tinker with the Engine House and see what I can come up with...
    The overall layout is 80"x64" (Last 9" across the bottom is for the control panel) We will have all around access; fully open on the left and bottom, and accessible by walkway around the top and right. About the elevation, yes we are planning on mainly flat land, with maybe some small hills to make it look a little more realistic (and my wife insists on having a hill between the stockyard and the meat packing plant so that the cows can't see what's happening :) )

    Hope this helps: (link to picture with buildings)

    P.S. Sorry I had to rotate the image to get it larger, my web page has small width tolerances.
  5. SAL Comet

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    Gotta have room for that Geosites Popup! :mad:

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