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  1. ROD J H

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    I just finished laying down track and ran a train on it,the noise is like a million ball bearings or marbles running down a tin sheet.and even with the train going slow it is still loud,run it at a good speed and it will drive you out.
    thanks for any is what i have.a new lionel nascar train on gargraves track,which is on top of 4x8 2 inch blue foam on top of 1,2 inch plywood.I used the hard foam on top of the plywood so i could add scenery and make rivers and things can roll a flat car down the track and it is real loud.I tried a piece of mdf under the track and it did make it less noisey.I will be using a crushed limestone for ballest,but the track will not be lying on it,will just sprinkel over and on the sides of the ties.the track is just lying on the foam wit a few nails to keep from sliding.
    thanks for any info
  2. you just have to live with it if you want to run O gauge trains, you will never get o gauge to be as quiet as HO or N scale. you have one of the more quiet brands of track. if you think its loud try the old lionel tube track, or the new lionel fast track.

    we have gar graves track at the club and its not real loud . and we done have foam board under it at all, but we do have the foam roadbed from woodland scenics.
  3. ROD J H

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    I tried a few things and came up with a good fix,cut strips of indoor outdoor carpet just as wide as the ties slide under the track and ballast it with fine crushed limestone.the nose is now very low and I can live with it.the carpet deadens the sound a lot and the ballast covers the green carpet.
  4. Dave Farquhar

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    Generally speaking, every time you change the material the sound waves have to go through, it muffles the sound. Carpet is a pretty good sound insulator, much better than styrofoam. Wood of course is an amplifier, which is why they make guitars out of it.

    Your table design can also contribute to the noise. If you went with the traditional frame made of 2x4s or 1x2s and then put plywood over it (like I did), you just built yourself an amplifier. The cheapest way to deaden that is to mount egg cartons under the plywood.
  5. Geno

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    I use 1/2" Soundboard over 1/2" OSB on a 1 x 4 frame- while it is not perfectly quiet I don't get the 'drum' effect you experience with plywood. O gauge trains are also noisy, mechanically speaking- probably explains why most of us have the sound systems cranked up most of the time. Hollow profile track will also tend to amply any mechanical noise.

    Sounds like you've already come up with the optimum sound reducing design- 2" foam and carpet, won't get any quieter than that.

  6. Dave Farquhar

    Dave Farquhar Member

    That said, modern can motors are a lot quieter than the older, traditional (open frame? Showing my ignorance here) motors. I mostly have the older type. And when the trains are running in the basement, you hear them upstairs. Very well. But I came to like that. When I was upstairs and Dad decided to fire up the trains, I could hear it. For me, that brings back memories, but I certainly understand why that's not desirable for others. (Mom never got it, certainly.)
  7. jeffrey-wimberl

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    I hear you on that. When I was a kid in Williamsburg my O Gauge Marklin and Lionel trains could be heard all through the house.

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