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  1. jambo101

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    How does this tool work?when i bought it i assumed you just put a nail up the tube push it down on the track and give it a push but it seems the nail doesnt go fully into the hole and i end up with bent nails,the salesman who sold it to me was very knowledgeable so i assume i'm not doing it correctly:confused:

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  2. yellowlynn

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    Unless this one is different than the one I had some years ago, I think I am about as knowledgable as the salesman. You are using it correctly. The fault lies in the fact the tube is large enough for the nail head, giving the nail shank lots of room to bend. Unless you are driving those nails into foam, or cork, save yourself much frustration and chuck it. You'll bend less nails with a tack hammer.

  3. ezdays

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    The shaft of this appears to have some sort of collar on it, presumably to set the depth that the nail is pushed in. Is that adjustable? If it is, move it further out to the end. Does the plunger go all the way to the end? The one I have does. If you're using it to go into dense wood, like Lynn says, the nail can bend inside the shaft. If so, I'd just use it to start the nail, and again as Lynn says, use a tack hammer to finish up.
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    That collar is adjustable but i have no idea what its use is,it seems to just slide up or down the shaft with no apparent adjustment of anything.The salesman gave me the impression that this tool would drive the nail into wood or foam with just a push thus replacing the hammer but if the head of the nail doesnt go further than 1/4 of the way into the tube i fail to see the value of this tool.Next time i see that salesman i'll bring the device along and ask him to show me ...
  5. jambo101

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    Any one know the correct name for this tool so i can do some further research on its correct usage?
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    I have one of these that used when I built a wooden ship model. I believe it's called "Nail Nailer", you just put the nail in the front, head first, and then press it over where you want to "nail" it. If you are getting problems with it, maybe the size isn't the correct one for the nails you are using.

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