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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by RaiderCTE, Jan 2, 2003.

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    Ok, after lots of consideration, just thought about it, I think I want to add one more turnout on my layout. I've already started ballasting but haven't gotten to the stretch in question yet. Here is the question though. Where I want to branch off it is going to take a curved switch. I found a couple atlas' on ebay and that is the track I'm using. Code 100. I also found shinohara and a peco. I don't know if atlas still makes what I'm looking for since I didn't see 'em at the usual dealers. Anybody know if there are problems with different manufacturer's track "getting along with each other"? Thanks in advance.
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    I didn't catch whether you are in "N" or "HO"- but I am using all Peco's (57 of them) with the Atlas Code 83 rail in "n". I have 2 of the curved #8 turnouts on my layout and they seem to interface ok.
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    Peco makes 2 types of curved switch, a regular one and a "set track" one. The settrack has much sharper radii.
    The code 100 should work OK with any other code 100 track. (Their code 70 stuff is even nicer!). There may be a little problem with tie height, but some cardboard will fix that.
    I'm using almost all Peco on my layout.
    I RR with a fellow who has mixed almost everything on his.
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    i run code 100 and i have two peco turnouts. No problem with track height. Putting in the switch machine in under the track is a little tricky. Make sure u have some tape with u to act as a third hand. :D

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