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Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by TBF, Dec 24, 2005.

  1. TBF

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    Merry Christmas all,my wife and I broke down and got our 6 year old the polar express set from santa and were woundering if anyone had any ideas for a layout using the fast track system other than the ones on the lionel web site.Thanks in advance Tom.:wave:
  2. spankybird

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  3. TBF

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    Thanks spankybrd lots of good ideas.:thumb: Tom
  4. Chief Eagles

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    Enjoy the Polar Express. Bet you buy more.
  5. Geno

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    I bought the same set for my nieces (yep, girls like trains too) and this is also their first train set. When they get tired of running their train around the oval supplied w/ the set, I'll probably pick up a Lionel Outer Passing loop Add-on track pack (6-12031), which basically adds two switches, a passing track, and couple of straights. I probably pick up 30" straights, a station, and some freight cars too, so they can pull something else other than the passenger cars.This will let them switch tracks and learn to play yardmaster.

    If they like that I may get them a loop of 048 track and assemble a double track layout for them (just the ticket for that second train set).


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