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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by AlexK, Nov 10, 2001.

  1. AlexK

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    does anyone know a good layout i could start without having to spend major bucks on getting the materials? Also is there a program to make layouts on? any inf will be helpful.

  2. BDC

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    Try going to the Atlas website. You can download their Rightrak software. If you use Atlas track, you can use this software to build a layout on your computer. However, it cannot be configured to deal with custom-cut pieces. Stilll a good deal, especially for being free. They also have some of their layouts (at least in Nscale, and maybe HO) on the website. Also try digging through the archives here, as I know several people have posted track plans on the boards.
  3. Woodie

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    Your question is very broad. Perhaps you should start with the amount of available space you have. Next choice is to select a guage. In the overall expense of things, the track is probably the cheapest. I've probably spent $200 on track, and more than $1000 on rollingstock and loco's. Cost also depends on the number of turnouts. 25 yards of flextrack will cost you about $50. One doubleslip turnout will cost you $50. If you want to power the turnouts, then add another $15 each. etc etc. So as a handy guide, take the amount you want to spend, then double it, cause that's how much you will end up spending! Perhaps if you could give us some guidelines on the amount of space, whether you want some yards or not, how many trains you want to be able to run at once etc, we could give you some ideas on layouts and cost.

    Hope this helps.

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