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Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by gromit, Apr 8, 2003.

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    I've read that many people solder wires across track sections keep good connectivity from section to section. This is especially true among garden railroaders. Anyway, my new Aristocraft track has screws that you can use to secure the sections together to keep them from separating and to increase connectivity. Does anything think this is sufficent or is the use of rail claps or wire soldering still required in an outdoor setting?

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    Hi Gromit,
    I used LGB track without any railclamps. I have feeder wires about every 20' of track and tried to use as many long sections as possible for fewer joints. I didn't solder my track as it makes it hard to change the track plan or remove. I would suggest using the additional feeder wires or the railclamps. Steve
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    Is that Aluminum or

    Brass rail?

    It depends on the type of rails....

    Aluminum is almost impossible to solder without fancy equipment. In this case, screws are the way to go...

    Brass is easy to solder and it will help in the long run. However, don't solder the joints, because you want to allow for some seasonal movements. Instead, add jumper wires between sections of track.

    The screws are great, but you might find that you will occasionally have to go around and tighten them, because they can work loose from time to time.

    Always better safe than sorry. The more work that you put into your tracks now, hopefully the less time you will spend on repairs later.

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