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Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by kchronister, Dec 1, 2004.

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    Quick questions from a G-scale neophyte (though longtime HO modeler)...

    I'm planning to put in an around-the-walls suspended G-scale loop in my son's room. Gotta start inculcating him early...

    The most cost-effective way to get started, it seems, is some of the "starter sets" out there. Since we're talking about a simple loop about 60' in total length, with the tightest-possible curves at the corner, I don't want to get fancy. It's really just something for a 2-year old to point at and go "ooh, ahh, train" (like he does every trip to the hobby shop...)

    I'm pretty comfortable with the variations in brands (LGB Vs. AristoCraft Vs. Bachmann, etc.) and the sort of loco/cars I want.

    My only question is track. Is this like HO/N/Etc. where the track is basically compatible across brands? Or if I start with some LGB track do I have to stick to LGB track from then on?

    Any other advice for a first-venture-into-large scale would be welcome too.


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    LGB & Aristo Craft are interchangeable but you might have trouble with the track connectors. Some are different lengths.. If you buy Aristo, you should have no problems... Bachmann Track has different connectors & is not compatable with the other 2. :( You could also get an Aristo starter set & they sell track expansion packs.

    Also look into buying the "lengths" of straight track. They sell 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 Ft sections. It'll save you a couple of bucks over buying 1 Ft sections (Which are about $3.50 / Ft now)

    Funny you should mention the smaller scales - That's where I started - HO to N to G and a "bit" of Z :D :D I'm staying with G now :) If you need any design help - let me know :) Here's my U25-B hanging from the ceiling :) :)

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    Thanks, Great info!
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    :confused: First Don't use cheap track like what comes wath Bachman the tin junk. Use ether LGB or Aristocraft. Aristo is cheaper than LGB . Use eather Brass or S.S. but brass will be fine indoor. I would recomend Junking Connectors that come with track and using Split Jaw connectors.To save trouble in future. Happy "G" Scaling I hope He will injoy.

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