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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Prof1000, Nov 30, 2007.

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    I'm a big fan of Wahl oil. It saved my enjoyment of the hobby.
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    Hey guys....This is what works for me....Make 'em myself...:eek:

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    There are a couple running threads on cleaning, do a search for "track cleaning" there is an enormous amount of information about leaning every type of track in every gauge, and condition. I even learned how to use vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice in hot water to break up really caked on corrosion on brass!!!

    One thing is for sure... you've definitely come to the right place to learn about cleaning track :).

    Check this thread:

    It is one of the couple i keep bookmarked, there is another thread where a member discusses a product that for the life of me i can't remember what it's called or where i saved the thread!!! I think it was used to keep solder joints conductive or pipes from corroding or something but i can't remember the name. The steel parts of my kid's layout are terribly dirty from running the engines and i just can't keep up w/ the cleaning, not to mention it's only going to become harder to clean once i ballast and scenic the track so i'm looking to "seal" the tracks once i get them clean.

    There is also a product out there called "rail zip" quite a few folks here mentioned that i plan to get my hands on too.

    A post above mention burnishing w/ steel, could you go into a little more detail? I'm having a hard time picturing how to do that.

    I've got a couple these i bought from you and they work well when i run the trains but .... sometimes i don't get to run them and the tracks get corroded, just have to use hot glue to stick them to my cars :) got a little lazy and used double sided tape and it didn't stick long.

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