Trabuco Canyon Railway started

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  1. The first few layers of ground cover are now in place, along with painting the rocks. I decided to eliminate the lumber yard in favor of a passenger station, which just seemed to fit the space better. Some more buildings are now in the engine facility as well. Now starting the flats for the backdrop. Only have one in place so far. Then more ground detail like making the dirt road areas look more real with grass tufts, different colors where the vehicles go and don't go, etc. After that come trees, junk, cars, LPP's, etc. Thinking of saving the rest of the river bottom until last. I really want to add a lot of details to the currently bare rocks before I pour any water.

    BTW, the white backdrop is just a flat surface to put my background bldgs against for now. It's just foam pinned in place. Real backdrop to follow.

    All comments and especially suggestions are welcome.


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  2. Track immediately to the right of the engine shed is for coal in and ash out. Next track is steam coaling, water, sand. Diesels go to the concrete pad. Many, many details to add here.

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