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  1. OK, we have finally started on this layout. Trackplan was discussed here:

    Some pics are below. Track is still temporary, but the risers are in. I didn't have a hot wire cuter, so I dealt with the little white balls. Nothing the shop vac couldn't handle.

    My daughter and I are wondering what industry we should put where the dragons are in the pictures. It should be something rather generic since we want to be able to park any kind of freight cars there. Could be one big or a couple small buildings. If anyone has any ideas, even specific model kits in mind, I'd sure appreciate it. We are not modeling any specific era or geographic region, just a fun layout to play with. Thanks.


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  2. Couple more:

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  3. Nomad

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    Nice layout, but I am wondering how your going to chase that dragon off the bridge. Looks like the steam loco didn't scare it.:D
    As for an industry, how about a team track. You can park just about any car you want at that type of industry. In cause you don't know, a team track is where a railroad drops a car, so businesses that don't have sidings themselves, can come and unload the car and get there order. A small office, a ramp, maybe an overhead crane, is all you really need to get started. And you would still leave room for the dragons.:D

  4. Well, I took a break from the railroad to actually earn a living, but I have now made some more progress. Plaster cloth is in, portals and bridge supports are in and painted, and the track has been tested again for fit and for no derailments. Of course, the track is still just sitting on the layout and not wired correctly, but it runs. Buildings are not the final buildings or even in the correct location. Time for painting.

  5. ...

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  6. ....

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  7. UP SD40-2

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    Mike:wav: , I'm REALLY LIKING what I'm seeing:thumb::thumb::thumb: the plaster work really makes it look like your making good progress:winki::mrgreen: . YOUR off to a GREAT START!:thumb:
    :deano: -Deano
  8. Last one for now, had to finish resizing the pics. I think this will be one of my favorite spots on the layout when the scenery is done. All three tracks are at different elevations.

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  9. TrainNut

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    Fun, fun, fun. Things are going to start happening fast now! A little paint, some grass... POOF!... It looks totally different.
  10. umtrr-author

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    Nice work! :thumb: Thanks for sharing.
  11. berraf

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    Wow, that's good! Really good :thumb:
    And I'm so glad to see a Warbonnet on one of the pictures.
    Thanks for sharing!
  12. Thanks for the comments. I really like warbonnets as well. I picked up a Kato ABA set to pull some SF passenger cars I have. Since Trabuco Canyon is in southern California, I decided to have my freelanced road interchange with SF and others. So, I have and excuse to run lots of road names. I think the outer loop will generally be used for and SF or UP or whatever proto road mainlines with the inner folded dogbone being the freelanced Trabuco Canyon. The link in the first post doesn't work anymore, but the TCRexists strictly for railfanning and to provide supplies to the dragons that live in the hills nearby. Pretty much all kinds of mis-matched equipment from non-connected eras will run on it. This is what happens when you build a railroad with a 12 year old who is really into dragons. I think it's going to be really fun.
  13. Nomad

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    Must be really tame dragons if you ship supplies to them:smile:. Sounds like fun and you have got the start of a really good looking layout.:thumb:

  14. Finally some more progress - pics

    Well, it's been a few more months, and with work travel, progress has been slower than I would have liked. However, I did make some good headway recently. Track is glued down, finally. Base coat of paint is applied. The DC control panel is built, and the basics of the engine service facility are in place. I spent some time pouring a "concrete" diesel service pad and a foundation for the engine shed. Actually, I used Woodland Scenic Smooth-It, which came with the Scenic Ridge kit, and it worked out pretty well. Mixed as advertised, then poured, waited until it set up, and carved the groooves for the tracks and the individual rectangles of concrete. Also built and weathered a Model Power lumber yard and a laser cut Saw Pit Store and team track loading ramp kit. Did bridge weathering as well. When the "real" ground cover goes in, I will be making sure there are no visible gaps to the bottoms of any of the buildings, etc.

    Apparently, there is good money in performing service on Santa Fe locos, because there are more of them in the service area than there are actual Trabuco Canyon Railway locos. The married couple, Connie and Mike, are still unlettered, but visible in the steam service area.

    Still need to find a good sanding house for the steamers and do something about an ash pit. Then comes the flat buildings for the background and the beginnings of greenery. I can't wait until I can do something green, as my wife says my formerly snowy looking all white layout now looks like a bunch of yellow snow. Bad jokes about the dragons being careless abound.

    Anyway, here are some pics:

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  15. more...


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  16. more, including the beginnings of the road along the stream that leads to the team track.

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  17. Nomad

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    I just looked at your join date. You have made a lot of progress in less than a year. Really looking good.

  18. ..

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  19. Dayton

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    quiet excellent!
  20. jesso

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    I love what you have done so far. Keep up the great work!

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