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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by gmontag451, Jan 2, 2008.

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    I found that the frame anchor block for the rubber band should be reinforced to prevent it from being crushed or ripped off the frame. The original Toyshop cardstock had one side with a self adhesive so the printed sheet can stick to it. Due to the tension of the rubberband, it peeled off. I had to use extra glue to hold it. I wanted to have some extra power so I went with a stronger band.

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    Hi again HeavyKevie! (So this is your alter ego, huh?) :) Thanks for the pics, I really enjoy seeing this kind of stuff, the things we make as a kid and hang on to.

    SCEtoAux, it is great that with today's computers we can do what we like and improve and personalize them. I've wanted to build the Carousel for years but never got around to it. Now that I've done two miniature ones (the Catapult and Spirit of St. Louis), I really want to do more!

    cgutzmer, here's my mini-catapult, 10.5 cm long, with some of my many other half-finished projects in the background! It was colored in PhotoShop and laser-printed. (I'm not sure I like laser-printing though, the ink seems very fragile and flaky.) I'll post my recommendations for building the full sized one tonight on my site, above the models near the "General Assembly Techniques" section. Hope you enjoy making it!

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    Try spraying your laser printed sheets with two coats of a matte coating like the one that Krylon puts out. I found that It really helps keep the toner from flaking off.
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    Any chance of getting colored models put up for download? Dont have the time to color it myself :)
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    I can certainly put up my painted ones as I make them. Obviously I would not take the black and white originals down. It will probably be a few months before I am able to get through every model, I have so much going on lately! And all those poor half finished models I put aside.... :)

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    That would be super awesome!

    If you would do me a teeny tiny favor and email me a copy of your colored catapult it would be greatly appreciated - its next on my list after a simple train build for my daughter..... cgutzmer @ gmail . com (take out the spaces) If you have better things to do its understandable :)
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    Well I finally got the catapult built. The only reinforcement I used was cardboard around each of the eyes to keep it from ripping (see pics) Great fun to build (and play with) I did however take the string off the windlass attachement to keep that spinning from slowing the arm down - got a bit better reach. I also used two rubber bands from my old RC plane supplies shortened up a bit. Probably not quite as strong as what would have been used before.

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    more pics

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    yet more pics

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    and the last of the pics - thanks for the model!

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    I've been wondering! Very nice. I've been away from my modeling desk too long, and you got me thinking again! Thanks!
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    no prob - kids have been using it HARD and its still going well :) Wife likes it too :)
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    I posted some videos of the mechanical bank on Google Videos. I tried YouTube but never could get the videos to upload.
    The quality is not very good, but it does show the action. The first one does not have any audio but it does show me putting a coin in the holder. The second one has some audio.
    I used US nickels (5.000g 0.835 in.\21.21 mm) in the videos. A penny (2.500g 0.750 in.\19.05 mm ), dime (2.268g 0.705 in.\17.91 mm), and quarter (5.670g 0.955 in.\24.26 mm) also work but with performance depending on the weight.

    Cat Bank1

    Cat Bank 2

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    I have added photos to my Toy Shop page from this forum, if anyone does NOT want their photos there, please PM me and I'll remove them! Thanks!

    I've also added a new link:
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    I stayed awhile and checked out your blog to enjoy the Headless Horseman you and your fiancee' built. The faux movie previews were equally well done!

    Thank you for the Toy Shop downloads. I teach a group of children afterschool and they love to build card models. I'll be sure to include some of the Commodore models you generously and laboriously saved for the rest of us!

    Happy Holidays
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    Thanks for the compliments! I hope your students enjoy the models as much as I do. PS. The videos on my page are from YouTube, I didn't make them. If only I could be that creative!

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