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Discussion in 'RC Aircraft & Watercraft' started by E-snake, Oct 23, 2003.

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  1. E-snake

    E-snake New Member

    Is the .40 tower hobbies trainer a good plane to choose?
  2. toby

    toby New Member

    The Tower Trainers are excellent planes. both the .40 and the .60
  3. henning88

    henning88 New Member

    I would choose from the selection of Sig trainers including the LT-40 and the LT-25, in my opinion they are the easiest to build and their size to weght ratio is incredible. The LT-25 requires a minimum of a .25 engine yet is the same size as the Tower Trainer 40.
  4. 2phat4u

    2phat4u New Member

    This all depends on whether or not you want to build a plane or assemble an ARF, I have personally taught several people to fly a Tower Trainer ARF and it flew great, Extremely stable and very forgiving, great plane to learn on! Only downfall is the cheap stick on covering, I would opt for the ARC version and use monokote to cover it! You'll be happier in the end especially if you have to repair it, This because you can use monokote on monokote and you wont have to completely remove the stick on covering and have to redo it later! Hope this helps!:)
  5. Fastsky

    Fastsky Member

    If you go with the Tower trainer get a 46 engine to go with it. Gives you more power if you need it when the wind whips up or the grass field hasn't been cut in a while. Its very little price difference and it will be a better engine for the 2nd type plane.
  6. wtb3886

    wtb3886 New Member

    E-snake: are you just getting started in RC Airplanes and do you have someone to teach you how to fly?
    Have you located a Flying Club in your area there is where you can find a great deal of information.
    Just about any trainer on the market is a great place to start with, although not all kits are created equal :) by that I mean that some have taken short cuts in assembly but if you know what to look out for then you will be alright. The proof of any model is the final construction prior to flight that can make or break your flying experience. That is why I said find a local club and ask around there you will find a wealth of information and not have to suffer a setback.
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