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  1. Does anyone know if there is a card model of Towely out there anywhere? For those without a TV, Towely is on South Park occasionally and is "the worst character ever". He's always confused and perpetually stoned. It shouldn't be too hard to design one since he's just a walking towel with arms and bloodshot eyes.


    Anyone want to take a crack at designing a "Towely"?

  2. Triop

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    This can't be hard...Towely is as good as 2D...:wink:

    Just cut out the picture and your done :-D
  3. fimdan

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    Can you provide detailed blueprints?:) What scale would you see this guy in?:) What if you take a paper towel and attach eyes, legs, and arms to it? That would be simple enough?:)

    What about Mr Hankey anyone? Detailed specs can be found at:

    Just kidding

  4. Neither of those ideas would make a very plush towely fellas. I'm picturing double thickness card, terrycloth texture on both sides, 3D arms and legs and most importantly, feet, so he can stand on his own. It would be a very funny and (socially significant) card model :) I think Mr Hankey is a great idea too! What a festive holiday decoration he would make!! Mr Hat, Mr Twig, the list of bit part characters goes on and on. I know there's a Cartman out there, but why no one has done a whole series of characters is beyond me - copyright infringement?
  5. cjd

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    Kenny used to be around too, but I've never found him


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