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    Don't Look Down!!!

    Hello Group:wave: , Thanks for all the nice responses!

    Here are some photos of the first diorama I have ever done. It represents the western edge of the quarry at Ableman. In reality, the real Rock Springs quarry in Wisconsin, is where the CNW gets it's famous 'Pink Lady' ballast that was used system wide. I frequent the quarry and sift my own ballast from it. Authentic eh? Anyway this is my loose interpretation of the area. The rock trains are loaded just to the right of these photos.

    A little about it. The bridge was bought by my wife at a swap meet for $5.00(she got him down from $10.00). I rebuilt it as it was in need of repair. The rockwork is all extruded styrofoam. It is hand carved with a steak knife. The trees are scratch-made from real weeds that grow here in LaCrosse. The real treat, I think, is the other side which is sheer rock faces. I will try and photograph it before I start the layout in the fall. And for those who are so very keen of detail;) , Yep, that's a whoops in the valley that the 'just passin' thru' crowd inhabit!!

    First off is this old black and white photo of three EMD four-axle units pulling empties onto the high bridge. The F7A is a Chicago commuter engine that is in weekend freight pool service.

    Next another B & W, finds a GP-7 leading a GP-35 westbound.

    My new color camera in hand, I caught GP-35 # 851 leading FP7-A # 427 with inbound empties for loading.

    SD-50 #7004 leads SD40T-2 #8960 west with loads.

    The Madison power pool must be shallow as GP-30 #822 and a switcher from nearby Baraboo handle the chores for the day.

    Well there you go, next up is the last of the work I have completed before the move; The quarry diorama.

    Hope you enjoy!!

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    AWSOME Work Johnny!!:thumb: :thumb:

    Those pictures are great. I like the Big tresle bridge and awsome valley. You did a great job on the landscaping.

    Nice CN&W Trian. O and I liked the 2 guys doing graffiti on the girder bridge over the creek!! SWEET LAYOUT!!

    Nice work so far, keep us posted with your great work.:thumb:
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    Excellent modeling! I am a south-central Wisconsin resident/former Madisonian so it's good to see some local flavor. Have you modeled any of the railroading landmarks in Madison such as the former C&NW, now WSOR yard on Johnson Street, the causeways and junction on Monona Bay, or the W. Washington Avenue station with the Milwaukee Road E9 and passenger train on display?

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    Hi Andy, welcome to the Gauge.:wave:

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    You asked for it...............

    Hello Andy:wave: :wave: :wave: Welcome to the Gauge!!

    Cool, a fellow 'Madisonian' of sorts. Here's a lil backround for you.

    1) Grew up on Superior St. right behind the CNw 'Monona' yard(what the WSOR now calls Johnson St.) in the 60's.:thumb:

    2) Bacame an engineer for the Wisconsin Central and worked out of Fond du Lac on the Chicago sub(left right before CN takeover-thank god).:curse:

    3) Went to work for the WSOR, first in Janesville(lived in Edgerton) then in Madison. Was responsible for the naming of the Watertown "Bullet" the lighting fast 10mph train you discuss on the WSOR yahoo group. While at the WSOR, I was one of the two original passenger operations engineers, the other was Buck Guthrie. Also ran and put together the Great Circus Train out of Baraboo(If you ever watch the Pentrax video on this train, I can be seen riding a cut of flatcars up the hill from the carshops-And I'm the engineer when we make a 'perfect' joint of the train). And tons of other 'Special Assignments':D .

    4) YES, I have an HO scale model of the CNW Yard at Madison. It is selectively compressed into 16ft in length. It includes the piggyback ramp(track 9) and the six stall roundhouse as it appeared in the late 60's before the fire.

    5) I am currently working on the Blair St. CNW depot area(near MG&E) when the CNW crossed the MILW right in the middle of Blair St.

    Madison is a far cry from what I knew it as, but I can relive it in my basement:D :D

    Hope this helps. You a Tobacco farmer?:rolleyes:

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    Sorry I didn't notice your reply earlier. For some reason The Gauge didn't send me an email which it usually does when someone replies to a thread I have posted in. As I said in my PM to you I moved to Green Bay from Stoughton this past Sunday for college.

    It sounds like you have had quite a career in Wisconsin railroading. If you were a WSOR passenger operations engineer, I probably rode a train driven by you more than once. :) I have a web page with some pictures of the Great Circus Train.

    No, I'm not a tobacco farmer.

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    Andy, I hate it when that happens!!:D Good luck at school this year. Try not to spend all your freetime at the national RR museum or watching the CN/WC sign1

    Thanks for the link to your site. In 94-95 I rode the train, but I was not working for the railroad yet. It was handled by the CNW and CP for those years. But I woulda been either hoggin or conductin in 99!! Great pics and fond memories. Thanks! ( I wuz just ribbin' ya about the "tobacco farmer" thing)


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