Toughest build yet,ETA-2 Fighter

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  1. Out of all I've built I think this little guy was the toughest. It is a really cool fighter, I want to do a rebuild of this in a larger scale I'd like it to be about two feet long, I have a detailed cockpit for it but it's just too small for me to build it in this scale. To all of you computer wizards out there any advise on how to enlarge this model would be greatly appreciated..

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    The model looks really good. You did a great job on it. Keep up the good work.

    Yes, it may cost a little more, but you can also go to Kinko's (or any other copy center) and ask them to print it out in A-3 format on what ever thickness of cardstock that you want and the build it that way.
  4. I'll deffinately look into that. Thanks every little bit helps. :thumb:
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    Good work! Very clean. Keep it up! If you double the size you would have problems with the stiffness of some model parts. I think you have to build a kind of reinforcement for the wings. regards Loenf

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