Toughest bashing truck ever

Discussion in 'RC Offroad Forum' started by Skandranon, Jul 22, 2004.

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  1. redheat

    redheat Member

    Rustler the message wasnt intended to slam your Savage, I think they are a good truck, nice to hear that HPI is taking care of you.
  2. rustler

    rustler Member Brickboy Voting Period

    i know it wasn't yea i hope they get it fixed thouhg
  3. tnx

    tnx Member

    what u guys say about the tnx?

    ive got it,havent got it long, but i dont see any problems. Its light, u can massively updgrade the engine, it has a .18,and the savage has a .25 and still tnx is faster. o u can go put in a .26 in a tnx and u got the equevelant power of a dragster, and putting a .26 in a savage will make a difference, but becoz the savage is like 1 kilo heavier than the tnx it wont be as fast. But another thing is that the tnx is lower than de savage,altho the savage has more ground clearence(comes in handy when driving in high gras) but i mostly drive on sand so then ur better of with a lower car. doesnt tip over as easily. Another thing about the tnx is that the brakes work fine,on my friends savage's brakes dont really work... u have 2 brake for like min. 3 secs sec b4 it stops. my tnx tipped over its front bumper on gras....
    what more 2 say, the savage has got more aluminum, which is better.
    altho i havent put my tnx throught a serious test i think that even the stock parts work fine. And u can always make it heavier and stronger with alu if u want. the savage is already heavy and u cant make it ligher. Only if u buy titanium or carbon parts(which cost like so much mroe than alu parts).

    the only downside of the tnx is that the shocktower is so d*mn f*king exspensive. i've looked around alot and only found a shocktower on, and there thge shocktower costs $ 85....
    maybe u guys have seen cheaper 1's, plz reply!!

    SRRY I MADE IT SO LONG ! but read it, ive got some good points :D

    MzzLz Tim
  4. redheat

    redheat Member

    Car Action really likes it , In fact I really like it myself from what I've researched. Truck seems to be put together very good and performance is above average. Red
  5. Skandranon

    Skandranon Member

    This is the first time I have heard of this truck. Got any links to reviews or anything?
  6. redheat

    redheat Member

    most any R/C rag has something to say about it.
  7. tnx

    tnx Member

    tnx seems to be fine altho it is said that it is more racing typ ofcar incomparisant with the savage bcoz itsgroundclearence is lower. but on sand i dont think u need alot of ground clearence ;)

    if u wanna see some movies check out wilhobbies:
    and u can always check out our site, movies will be uploaded as soon as possible
  8. tnx

    tnx Member

    nobody has a different opinion?
  9. Skandranon

    Skandranon Member

    I have looked into the TNX allot. It sounds like a great truck out of the box. How long have you had yours TNX? Are you still running stock? How does it compare to your buddies savage?

    I have also been looking at the LST. It also looks like a great truck. It seems like the LST will need more upkeep. On the other hand it has a much much greater aftermarket support already. The biggest problem I see with the TNX is lack of support.

    I would really like to hear more from you TNX.
  10. tnx

    tnx Member

    well mine is still stock, it drives like mad :D the first upgrade i wud do was get better shocks the stock ones are much to soft, if u jump u hear bonk, that happens because the rear skid plate hits the ground...

    but for the rest its fine, easy 2 clean u only need a toothbrush :D
  11. Skandranon

    Skandranon Member

    Nothing broken so far?
  12. tnx

    tnx Member

    nope, u shud see my movies on and search on tim fokker(dont use ne filters) i only broke 1 little thing, but i replaced it straight away, it came with the car a little maintenece pack.
  13. monsterrcbuilder04

    monsterrcbuilder04 Active Member

    o thats kool man.
  14. tnx

    tnx Member

    hehe, dont like braking stuff tho [:p]
  15. s-maxx is pretty good or i mean t-maxx or i mean sportmaxx lol all the same
  16. nellyneil

    nellyneil New Member

    I have tnx and all i can say is it eats everything i have driven or owned for breakfast.My fav car ever :)
  17. tnx

    tnx Member

    hehe, i like it tho altho shocks arent that good.
  18. rcsuperdave

    rcsuperdave New Member

    Myself personally...I've only had a t-maxx and have never broke a#@$% thing!!! But, I do like the much that is what I told my brother to buy. But of course it is going to be bigger and stronger!!!!! Its a 1/8th scale!!! If t-maxx did the same and went to a 1/8th scale then ofcourse they would be bigger and stonger too just like the savage to compensate for a larger motor!! It is all relative and are both excellent built trucks!!
  19. tnx

    tnx Member

    cool man, never seen a tmaxx in real life b4.

    broke my front skidplate, well not really broken, the holes where the bumper attaches to the skidplate is broken out...
  20. pimp

    pimp Active Member

    x factor or txt 1
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