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Discussion in 'RC Onroad Forum' started by crazycuteguy016, Jan 3, 2005.

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  1. hey guys remember a while ago when i put the ultimate 4-tec project up awhile ago. well its near competion i had all the stuff for it but then.... my radio went bad on me:( but now i have a new 1. but now im having another problem. the stuff that i have might be to powerfull for the stock chassis of the 4-tec so i was wonderin should i (A) buy a graphite chassis and just move all my parts onto that (if i can even find a graphite chassis) or should i (B) buy a TC3 or the new TC4 and just put all my electronics onto that instead. thanx for the help in advanced your advice will be greatly appreciated.
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    traxxas makes a graphite conversion kit for the 4tec... If you have the money go for a tc4 I guess
  4. yea i kno traxxas makes a graphite chassis but they dnt have any in stock and towerhobbies always have on order, early wut ever or late wut ever and i dnt kno were i can find them so i might have 2 go to the tc4 i just need to kno wut my advantages would be if i go to that instead of just getting the graphite chassis (if i can find it)
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    shaft drive over belt drive for 1!
  6. yea thats true
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    belts are usually faster becaus of no gear redoction. TC4!!!
  8. i decided to just keep my 4-tec. i got some carbon fiber and custom made my chassis for it
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