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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by don pedro, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. don pedro

    don pedro New Member

    is there anyone in the bel air, md area who can personally assist me in power to the track problems? I'm using mth real trax with a Z4000 trans. I have 7 lockons connected and ever changing dead areas. I would like to fix asap. retired, my time is your time. thanks, pete
  2. Renovo PPR

    Renovo PPR Just a Farmer

    Wow Don I know I personaly hate MTH-RT but even I never had a problem with it. My first question is how long is your track plan since you are using 7 lockons? My next question is have you ever taken the track apart? If you did then you might want to check the track connections since the lightweight tabs bend very easy. In fact this might be your problem.

    I'm sure if you can provide some more information we can get your track problems corrected.
  3. don pedro

    don pedro New Member

    thanks for the response. I've taken the rt apart numerous times in numerous areas, however I always checked for connections. the layout is about 21X14 with ten switches. the engine will pause/move and also stop dead in some areas. the layout is a dog bone. this problem has on going for a month now. I used #14 wire for both lockons and switches. I have 500' of #16 coming this week and will redo everything. my goal is to wire conventially before hooking up to dcs..........don pedro
  4. JR&Son

    JR&Son Member

    How about a DVOM meter
    Equipted with gator clips.
    Start on 1 rail and leapfrog down that rail till you find the issue
    Set the DVOM on resistance.
    Should stay at "0" all of the time
    That will tell you WHERE it is
    BVut not WHAT it is.
    Where is half the battle

  5. don pedro

    don pedro New Member

    I know where the problems are when the engine staggers or stops but why?

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