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    Cool! - Well worth waiting for... :thumb:
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    Thank you M.F., I've found several .nif and other format TOS models and this one was by for the best looking and most resonablely accurate and buildable, still there are issues that I'm going to have to correct before distribution. I'm still working on the textures and the unfold, but RL issues have taken precedence.
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    I've built that model, but have one in the stack that I want to make, as well as TOS versions. I do actually have a TOS Drydock in the works as well. :thumb:
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    TOS Transporter Chamber update.

    I've got the unfold done and am currently finishing up the patterns for the textures, again using screencaps for reference and as images for the actual textures.

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    These are fantastic!


    Cheers, mate!
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    Congrats, Tholians ships are great, and progress with the Enterprise is luxury!
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    Still working on this beast. I've got two textures to finish and have to finish the upwrap on this. It's very complicated for a video game file.
    I'm having trouble with one texture in particular. See images below.
    When I get this thing wrapped up (pun intended). I'll release it in several
    different scales. I'm looking into hosting now and will try to get all of
    these models transferred into .pdf files.

    I've got the nacelle domes just about where I want them, have the engineering hull looking good and have most of the details worked out
    as well. However, this one texture is giving me fits trying to get it worked
    out where it matches the rest of the ship and all of the parts justify correctly.

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    Prelim 1/350 TOS Enterprise parts.

    I've uploaded eight pages of preliminary TOS Enterprise parts. Although the ship is not fully textured, or unfolded and there are going to be modifications made before the final publish, I wanted to give those who wish as chance to have a look at the parts and submit their input for the final version. I'm open to any suggestions, whether it is for color, texture, modifications, what have you.

    I've sized this ship to 825mm using the folowing criteria. Starting out with an overall length of 947ft as dictated by Walter "Matt" Jeffries from various sources, I multiplied that by 12" and multiplied that by 25.4 which is the conversion factor for Inch to Milimeter and divided the whole by 350. This gave me a number of 824.7, thus I rounded up to 825mm.

    Check the parts out, check my math, tell me what you think might need changed and or addressed.
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    I've been following your recent work with great interest. Thanx much for the releases so far!

    Ok, now some comments, and a question. On the Enterprise, do you mind ring conic section joints, or do you prefer having the joints run lenghtwise? I prefer rings myself, easier to get a decent fit. I usually have problems cutting the long tiny slots in parts such as the current engineering hull parts.

    Since I design in 2d, not 3d, I don't know how much trouble seperate joining strips would be, but if the Enterprise going to be that big, they might be worth considering.

    I'd also recommend, for ease of assembly, (mine, away), tabs should be on the convex edged of curved parts.

    Did I understand correctly that you're going to do different texture versions of the ship? I've never been a big fan of the aztec pattern (especially for the E-nil), so would rather see a "plain" version come out first. Also, I'd love to see other ships names and reg numbers as options (along with a mirror version or 2).

    Hope this helps, and Thanks again for the goodies you've already posted.

    Scott K.
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    Wow. thanks for the considered response.:thumb:

    1) Some parts are going to have conic section joints and connectors and others are going to attach according to how the model unwraps. Some of this is out of my control, but I'm sure I can make accomodations if you have a specific idea.

    2) Joining strips; You know, I thought about this and perhaps I expect to much of the average builder. I thought that most would do as I do and cut my own strips, but you're right... I should not assume and should do my best to make every consideration. That's exactly why I appreciate input like yours. Thanks.

    3) Yes! Different textures... Different registries... Sure, but maybe I should get this one done first. Really, thanks for your input!

    Keep on Trekkin! =/\=
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    Ugh, the tabs and strips issue. Thanks for giving me an excuse to "vent" a bit. I know lots of people like to cut tabs off, and make their own strips for joining. I do that myself. I'm mostly thinking of models that have no tabs or strips at all, like Paragon's. I have a number of his ships printed, but haven't built them because I just can't seem to figure where some parts will go, or how they should be folded. Tabs can be a useful guide to assembly, whether you actually use them or not, especially in the absence of detailed instructions. It doesn't look like this will be an issue with your models, again, this just gave me an excuse to air an old gripe.

    Thanks again, too. I'll be watching your continued development of the Biggest of the Big E's with great interest!

    Scott K.
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    Dude. I'll output it any way you want it. I'll send it directly to you in any form, with tabs, without tabs, with lines, no-lines. You just tell me what you want and I'll get-R-done!sign1
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    If you want, I'll send you the .eps file that you can translate to a .pdf file and I'll even have the ship parts cut out of .020 styrene for ya. Wadda-ya think about that?:mrgreen:

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