TOS Gigantic Galactica Mega Build

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by ekuth, Jan 8, 2008.

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  1. Tirick

    Tirick Member

    That looks incredible with the LEDs. Great for paper and foam as they neither generate a lot of heat or require ton of power. The whole build once done I suspect will be breathtaking.

  2. maddunk

    maddunk New Member


    You must be completely insane and people think I'm mad.

    Fantastic build. Can't wait to see it finished.

  3. Lord Manimal

    Lord Manimal Member

    I know I'm dredging up a very old post in this thread here, but what exactly are you using for that piping? I'm new to space models, and I've recently run into a need for the exact type of piping you're using on this peice of awesomeness.
  4. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    If you take a look at the earlier shots of the nose area, you can see multiple instances where I use old ribbon cable (aka IDE cable... for the computer non savvy, that's the flat, gray cable that connects your hard/floppy drives to the motherboard inside your computer).

    What I do is cut the connectors off the ends and then use an exacto to split the individual strands apart (like string cheese) and then use CA glue (superglue) to affix it to where I want a 'pipe'.

    Now I'm lucky because gray is the primary color of the galactica, so I haven't had to color it. If you needed to, you would want to either paint it or color it with a permanent sharpie marker *before* splitting/gluing in place.

    I'll be posting some update shots soon, and I'll make sure to point out some areas I've used it.

    Update soon! Massive work done on the drive section... :mrgreen:
  5. clif52

    clif52 Banned


    This model is amazing. I love the 3D effect that you are getting. I'm really liking the lighting. Have you designed in a removable section to replace batteries and lights that might burn out?
  6. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member


    Yup. You'll see that in a bit, haven't hit that section just yet. :mrgreen:
  7. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    Okay, Update!

    Alright, as promised... sorry, been too busy building to take shots and write.

    I've taken a break from the bay arms and moved to the engine area for a mental break, so all the progress has been on that area.

    After getting the lighting done with the effect I wanted, I noticed something was missing... looking at the reference shots, I discovered that the engines had a 'hex' pattern to them.

    Now Gearz actually provided me with some templates for the engine lattice, but they just weren't quite right. Sorry, buddy... no offence.

    Faced with the choice of actually building a hex grid out of paper and finding an alternative... I got clever and cheated.

    A quick trip into Paint and some parchment (tracing/onionskin) paper later, we have our 'gridwork'.

    Unlit for clarity (you can see this area still wants cleaning and greebling, but I'm doing basic structure for now as I often have to rest the whole section on end, which would crush the greebles):


    All four engines lit, shot with lights out. You can see the gridwork still shows through, which is what I wanted to get.


    Installed lighting on the center 'impulse section' which is red colored. The lights I used for it are actually clear, but I painted one half of the foam layer sandwich red and it gave the correct color and effect. Gridwork here as well.

    But wait! A giant alien space cat has become attracted to the glow of the engines! Alert the fleet!


    A side view of all engines on, to cut a little of the glare. Those LED's are BRIGHT!


    Better view of the center 'impulse' drive with lights on and the main engines off. Came out well, I think.


    More soon... just have to fix pics and write.
  8. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    Update Part II

    So, work commenced on the sides... Gearz thoughtfully provided me with greebles he did specifically for this part of the project... and they came in handy.

    Total of four of these "box" structures on each side, although I may make it five for visual correctness. Note I said 'visual' not 'studio'. I'm trying to get close on this model, but there's no way in hell I can make it exact, so I'm taking that leeway in some areas.


    Lit, from below. You can see the individual LED's feeding into the foam. Mmmm... blue spagetti.


    Same, from above. I also started greebling the large engine ductwork on the top simply to get a feel for it. Again, these parts provided by Gearz, but this time as an option to the stock model he released. The other greebles were custom parts he did for me. He da man. :thumb:


    And many, many hours later... we have a finished left side. Okay, basic structure and main greeble 'finished' anyway. The two oval 'tanks' were an interesting problem to solve. The answer came in the form of more foam! Cut to fit the piece needed, peel away the top paper layer and sand with fine grit paper into shape. Coat with white glue to seal, let dry and paint with acrylic/gouche. Came out nicely. Also on the bottom you can see the dozen little box greebles that I had to individually build by hand and glue in place. Again, another set of greebles custom done for me by Gearz.


    More of the top pipework. This is all just Gearz' work on the original model, enlarged. This is gonna look cool as all hell when it's done.


    On to part III....
  9. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    Update Part III

    This... was a PITA area. I originally did this without having the endcap wall and top slope part in place to square the end... STUPID! wall1

    The angles in this area are.. interesting.

    Your eye is NOT a good ruler. Consequently, when I went to put the endcap wall on, I found the whole edge of the trench area was out of square and left me with a hellacious gap of about 1/16".


    2 hours later and another parts reprint, I redid the area correctly.

    What's that phrase? Measure twice, measure again, cut once? As it was, I had to alter the part where you see the straight pin head in order to correct matters. Not a noticable difference, though. The pin will be removed once everything dries.


    Now we depart from 'studio accurate' in a big way. I got looking at that trench, and the extra LED's I had left on the strand that lights the 'impulse' engine and thought... gee, seems a shame not to light that thar trench... For whatever reason, the camera refuses to show the effect properly. It's actually the 'spotlight' effect that you can see on the saucer of the Enterprise.


    Lights off pic: This view from the back shows it a little better. The lighting is actually clear/gray in color, not blue as the camera seems to want to make it. I know, it's not on the original Galactica, but I think it adds something missing.


    Same shot, lights on. Damn camera still turns the clear blue. You can see the 'spotlight' effect a little better here though.


    What's that? You wanna see the guts? How it looks on the inside? Alright, alright... since the right side of the engine isn't closed yet, here's a peek:


    Wiring nightmare, you say? *maniacal cackle*

    Alright, that's it for now... so: thoughts?
  10. bulldogowner

    bulldogowner Destroyer of Spam Moderator

    Absolutely AMAZING!!!! And on the measuring Dad used to always say "You've cut the thing 3 times, and it's STILL too short!!" Are those Christmas light LED's you're using? I usually just buy LED's at Radio Shack and wire myself...cuts down on the wire weight...if you use many more, you may want to consider this...just an idea...Keep up the GREAT work!!
  11. Testostrogen

    Testostrogen New Member

    That thing is HUGE! It looks awesome though, Excellent job man.
  12. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    Update... at last....

    Soooo, I know it's been a while.

    I'm tardy, but I have been getting build time in!

    When we last saw Ekuth, he was working on the drive section of the Galactica, forcing it to conform to his twisted desires...

    In this episode, we see his evil plans have come to fruition and the Evil Greebles(tm) have begun to multiply across the surface of the Galactica! Will the valiant Colonial Warriors be able to stop them?

    Hell no. This is just the beginning... the large greebles. There's still tons of small ones to follow.


    Angle shot from top looking aft. The box greebles on the side were all custom done by yours truly. The pipework is the detail stock that Gearz provided with the model. I'm continually amazed at how well this model translates to a larger size. Obviously, still more greebling to do.


    Same angle, but from the rear. The sharp eyed among you might have noticed a difference in the far right engine interior. I'm experimenting with a texture for the walls there, as the "blue line" insert Gearz provides isn't studio accurate, and while it gives a great effect in a smaller model, at this size... well, in for a penny...

    All of the top tubework is attached completely WITHOUT tabs. I shape each piece by hand and then glue in place with CA.


    Continuing around the rear. The pipework was modified slightly using the studio reference shots as a guideline.


    And to the other side... You can see the trench lighting I applied really coming into play. I'm pleased with the effect; "studio accuracte" be damned. It needed something, and the spotlighting is it.


    A look at the bottom of the drive section. The pipework in this area is simply massive; but went together without any real hitches. Another testiment to Gearz' skill. I've had to think ahead about support and how the pieces will fit together, especially here.

    Much to my dismay, I found that I had gotten one of the angles wrong on the small 'neckpiece' that connects to the middle section with the hangar bays. Fortunately, only minor correction and some shimming took care of it.


    More in the next post...
  13. OylPslyk

    OylPslyk Aspiring Usurper



    those light have just the right amount of glow too!
  14. Tirick

    Tirick Member

    That looks quite impressive! The engines take on a life of their own once boxed in with greebles.
  15. Red

    Red Member

    Better tie that Puppy down its going to fly away.
  16. Elliott

    Elliott Senior Member

    Don't let it near your Christmas village! :p
  17. Coot59

    Coot59 Member

    Your work rocks the galaxy!

    Cylons in comming.
  18. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    I have decided...

    I hate myself.

    Really. I must completely and utter loathe myself, otherwise I would stop looking at the reference shots of the studio Galactica... wall1

    So, what did I find this time?

    Well, as work proceeds apace on the midsection, prepping it to hold the battery cases for the engine lights, midsection lights, ect, I think to myself:

    "Gee, wouldn't it be nice if the whole thing was self contained? No power cords, no chance of bulbs being burnt out, killing the lighting? Just look how bright the LED's are in the engine section and midsection!"

    You know what this means, don't you?

    Anyway, how does this relate to my hating myself? Easy. I'm thinking this as I look through the shots and I notice something about the nose of the ship that I hadn't before...

    Directly under the bridge and along the nose on the bottom is a cut out or recessed area.

    My model is flat there. The textures don't match.



    This, of course has to be corrected, and provides an excuse to *cringe* remove all of the lighting I had already installed in the "nose" area of the ship and replace it with LED's.

    Glad I didn't finish/greeble the bottom of the "nose" section yet.

    The good news is?

    All the greebling/plating I had done on the hull stays intact. I don't have to redo it, and now I can light things the way I want. And not have to rely upon power cords or where to put them.

    The bad news? Now I have to redo my landing bay(s)... :eek:

    Ah well, such is the price of my art.

    Pics soon.
  19. OylPslyk

    OylPslyk Aspiring Usurper

    i feel your pain! its that sort of discoveries that are the ones that tend to shelf my models for a month or two while i work on something else...

    in the end, i'm always glad i find them before someone else comes along and says "uh, by the way" sign1
  20. grifco2000

    grifco2000 Member

    Oh Dear

    Always happens! There are always those who tell you some needed bit of information just after you finish the article, no matter what it is! A few years ago, I wrote a book, checked and rechecked everything, then after having it printed, the major source of my historical information said to me, "OH, you got this bit wrong and this happened that way" and this was after spending three months with them checking these exact same facts!:curse::curse:wall1 Ah well, I have figured out that really, the only person you need to please with your results is yourself. Thats why God invented swearing, for all those "oh, you missed..." people!!! sign1

    Keep up the good work, Shes amazing!!
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