TOS Gigantic Galactica Mega Build

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by ekuth, Jan 8, 2008.

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  1. CJTK1701

    CJTK1701 Banned

    Great job! The additional levels add more depth to the whole thing.:thumb:
  2. jaffro

    jaffro Long term member

    In my opinion, there really is only one "Big G". Not trying to take anything away from the awesome work certain people are doing to the ships from the new series (you know who you are :p), but to anyone who grew up with BSG TOS, as I did, a thread like this is just... well, words fail me.

    I only wish I had your talent and dedication ekuth, as I really can't think of too many "tv / movie" subjects I would like to see lit up and hanging from my ceiling more than this one.

    Up till now I haven't been able to string enough words together to say what I thought of this build, so I hope this gets the job done, and now I'll quietly go back to just staring at the pretty pictures in awe until I feel inspired to string more words together again. :D
  3. I totally agree with jaffro on this!! I grew up on space 1999 and buck rodgers and of course BSG there is something to be said for the show that actually needed models to be made for shooting. I cannot wait to see how you lit this huge ship and all the other neat tricks you will teach me. Thanks for getting this one out and fireing it back up!

  4. CJTK1701

    CJTK1701 Banned

    As far as ships go, I like both iterations, but as far as the series go.... I too grew up with TOS BSG, but I found Ron D. Moore's version to be far superior. I tried to watch an old episode of the TOS-G a week, or so ago and had a hard time to keep from giggling. With the exception of Star Trek, the old shows just don't hold the same attraction for me that they used to. I do like the ships though.:mrgreen:

    I would have liked Starbuck to have stayed a guy though, always liked Dirk Bennedict's portrayal.
  5. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    Today's Progress

    @jaffro: I'm right there with you, my friend. I grew up in the TOS Galactica era, and it will always be nearest and dearest to my heart. I watch the new series and love it, but there's only one big G, and I'm building it. (At darn near the studio scale, as it turns out!)

    @everyone: Thanks for the praise, guys. It keeps me going!

    Okay, enough rambling...

    Although it may not look like much, I actually got a fair bit accomplished today. With a few small exceptions, I can say with pride:

    The top of the nose is DONE!

    I figured out a way to do the dome greeble on top of the bridge, and I think it came out pretty darn well. I finished the build up of the "track" area in back of the "round nose barrels". Most of the rest of my time was spent doing edge-color touch ups over the entire surface, and doing the final tweaking of the bridge face. Getting those windows to look just so has been a struggle. Compare the pics below to the ones above to see what I mean.

    Finally, I took care of the light bleeding along the edges with the judicious application of filler paint (two parts acrylic to one part white glue).

    That allowed me to begin the plating on the right side of the ship, as shown below. This will be fun, as there are several spots where the greebles from the top of the nose will continue down the sides... :twisted:


    First up, a good look at the "track" area I was referring to above. You can see the layering really adds to the depth of this piece as a whole. To the right corner above the insert area on the side of the nose you can see where the greebles will be wrapping down the edge to the sides of the ship. I'm looking forward to doing this part.


    Next, top view of the "observation dome" greeble on the top back of the bridge structure. I followed the reference pics closely for the construction and coloration of this piece, hence the white edging on the "fins". Nope, I didn't forget to edge color, it's supposed to be that way. :mrgreen:


    Shot looking aft from the front of the nose, giving us a better look at both the bridge and the "observation dome". You can see where I've applied my filler paint to the left side of the nose in preparation for deck plating application.


    A look at the right side of the nose, showing where I have begun the hull plating. Note the color difference between the new plating and the underlying base hull. I had originally used a clear spray coat sealant on the base hull (old hull) and it darkened things considerably. I won't be making that mistake again!


    Well, that's all for this evening, but at least I'm making progress. Top of the nose is finished, now on to the sides!!!
  6. Hey ekuth hows about making some templates of the stuff you added like the dome so we may follow with your build. It looks like the studio model only cleaner:thumb:. I love what I am seeing so far.

  7. CJTK1701

    CJTK1701 Banned

    Agreed. Fantastic work. Glad you brought this out of mothballs, it's fun watching it come together. You're doing a fine job getting the 3D architecture to come through from the 2D planes.:thumb:
  8. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    @knightstalker: Not sure what you mean by templates... I'll be happy to show/tell you how I'm doing things, but most of what I'm doing is on-the-fly customization.

    If you're curious about the observation dome greeble, the entire structure is made from another one of those 10mm beads I used on the round barrel greeble.

    What I do is to use CA glue (superglue) and secure the bottom of the bead to a scrap of cardstock. I then laminate it, using white glue, with thin strips of standard wieght paper on which I've printed a section of texture. The glue gives the standard weight paper some elasticity, and I mold it to the round shape of the bead.

    Once dried, I remove the bead from the backing and then use my exacto to slice it in half, or in this case, 2/3. This gives me the middle of the "dome".

    I then took a scrap textured piece of cardstock, folded and glued it to a quadruple (4x) thickness. Placing the edge of the 2/3 bead against it, I drew the oval shape of the bead using a pencil, and cut it out to form the "fins".

    Those are glued in place on either side of the 2/3 bead using white glue.

    For the "end sections" of the dome, I took the remaining 1/3 of the bead and cut it in two, giving me the end sections for the outside of each "fin".

    Secure these with white glue and you have your greeble.

    I then glued that to a cut out (laminate layer) of that section of the deck, to give it more of a "base", before glueing the entire greeble assembly to the top of the bridge.

    See the diagram below:


    I hope that makes sense and is what you were after! :mrgreen:
  9. clif52

    clif52 Banned

    Looks great ekuth. How did you the the file size large enough to make a model that size. On the filler you are using. I found some styrofoam paint that comes in colors. I use a stiff piece of chipboard as a tool and use it to fill in areas. It usually takes two coats with drying time between coats. Its acrylic based. It fills pretty smooth and is sandable.
  10. Ekuth that is exactly what I was talking about! Fine job on the explanation. Looks great! It will be nice to see this one complete as I am not sure I will get to this anytime soon with the sulaco in mid build:mrgreen:.
    Thanks Again for the great work you are doing.
  11. CJTK1701

    CJTK1701 Banned

    What he said.:thumb:
  12. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    LOL. Thanks guys. I'll be sure to go into detail as I go along then. :mrgreen:

    I'll post progress for today later on tonight.
  13. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    Update for Today

    Sorry for the delay, guys.

    My internet connection took a dump on me late Friday night... train97

    I tell you what- if you want to see just how bad your internet addiction is, try going without it for 24 hours. Go ahead, I dare you! :mrgreen:

    Anyway, I did get some build time in.

    I finished the outside hull plating on the right side of the nose, matching the top to the side to my satisfaction. Which means I drove myself nuts trying to get as seamless a join as possible... very tough to do with the way this model is put together. wall1

    I can absolutely guarantee that there will be no light leakage though... :mrgreen:

    I had to remove/reshape a bulge area on the left side of the top of the nose, slicing through 4 layers in the process. I did get it smoothed out, though.

    Work is proceeding apace on greebling the right side of the nose... mostly I have concentrated on laying the pipework before I move on to the larger connecting greebles, like the tanks and cylinders on top of the indent area near the back of the nose. Pipework is far from complete in that area, but I need to take a break for today. Eyes are too tired to glue properly, and when you hit that point, it's best to put it down and walk away... :rolleyes:


    First shot shows the start of the pipework above the indent area in the rear of the nose. Obviously still alot to do here, including creation of the large tank that intersects the pipework... I point with pride to the nearly smooth seam where the top and side hull plating meet. This area suffered from severe "gaposis" and it took several application of filler before the plating met well.


    Front part of the nose, where you can see some of the pipework wrapping around from the top of the nose. Tricky seamwork here, too. In this pic it looks like the side and top bulge a bit, but this is just optical illusion, as you can see below.


    Same view from the front of the nose. You can see the "bulge" effect is in fact caused by the texture and shadow. Note that the bottom "railing" near the lighted band is not matched up as of yet... but I have plans for that area, and you'll see my solution shortly.


    Midship seam line and pipework. I'm loving how the pipework and greebles wrap over the edge and really tie the piece together.


    A little clearer shot of the challenges that await me at the rear indent area. You can strongly see the color differences between the original decking and the new plating I'm putting on. I'll be replacing the decking inside here shortly. As you can see, there's a wealth of larger pipework greebling to be done to really bring this area up to snuff.


    Hope you guys are enjoying the build thread. Suggestions, comments and criticisms are always welcome.

    More soon!
  14. CJTK1701

    CJTK1701 Banned

    Wow! you have really gotten this down to a science. You're doing a fine job of drawing all of the levels out to make it more of a 3 dimensional experience. Kudos, I'm enjoying every update. It just goes to show what's possible with paper, determination and forethought. Can you take a couple of shots of the entire ship?:thumb:

    Sorry to hear about the net problem, I know how frustrating it can be. Oyl Pslyk is down as well.

    Keep on Trekkin!
  15. FlareBaffled

    FlareBaffled Member

    Damn .... a whole 24 hours with no net!!! Dear me... thats like being back in the dark ages :eek:

    If that happened to me, I'd be finsing myself going in to work at the weekend just to get online and surf the forums for a bit ... even though I would have to do without my Team Fortress 2 fix... for some reason, the boss doesn't want me to install it on my laptop at work. To be honest, though, the thing would never support the graphics :cry:
  16. You work for the movie companies or something?????sign1 I swear that looks better than the studio model. As was said earlier "It just goes to show ya what can be done". I am so happy I picked up this hobby! It allows me to build some really cool looking models. Thanks for the update.

  17. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    Progress... well, a little.


    LOL. No, I don't, but thank you. That would be a sweet job, though.


    I'd be happy to take shots of the entire ship, but it isn't built yet... LOL. I'm working one section at a time to keep myself focused and on task. If I go jumping around too much, I know I'll get sidetracked and stall. What IS completed, purely from a structural viewpoint, is:

    Nose (detailing in progress)
    Launch Bay arms (although not completely assembled, due to future lighting issues)
    One engine of four

    I'll arrange those pieces tomorrow and get a few shots for you, simply so you guys can see the state of the build.

    Okay, on to today's work:

    Did not get alot accomplished today, but did get some work done.

    Replaced the deck plating on the inside of the "insert" section.
    Did the majority of the detail pipework above this area and created the major "tank/cylinder" greeble.


    Front to back view of the pipework and "tank/cylinder" greeble. Was going to use my bead technique for the ends of the tank/cylinder, but it just didn't look right. Decided to go with a banded layer technique, placing thin strips inside each previous layer; starting from the middle working out. Once these were done, capped the ends and finished with an open faced "pipe connector". I'm pleased with how it turned out.


    Back to front view of the same. Still TONS of work to do in this whole area, and then on to the inside of the "indent" area. Not sure how much actual greebling I'll be doing in there, as the texture alone gives a really good effect as is. Definately some, though.


    That's all for now. More soon.
  18. CJTK1701

    CJTK1701 Banned

    Looks great, as usual. I've saved your pics and if you click on them one at a time in sequence you can really see this start to pop out parts. LOL:mrgreen:
  19. Gearz

    Gearz Member

    Woooow.......!!!!! 'Superior Results' ekuth lol

    Better brush your hair and have a shave..! I recon your model deserves to be on TV... Have you got a local SF/ model friendly TV station..?

    Nooo... what a minute.... How about getting it in a cameo shot in an episode of the new series...!! Yeeahh....

  20. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    LMAO. Thanks Gearz... hope you don't mind what I'm doing to your bird. :mrgreen:

    BTW, folks have requested your original file of the Big G, but your site is down. Is it still available on jleslie's site?
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