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    thanks Zathros!
    I am getting my strength back in spurts since my 3x bypass a month ago. two more months until fully recovered. but its great to build again without konking out! this model I am refining every build. the nacelles can be rolled so they aren't so boxy, some kind of press on the cannon might smooth that out too. and I have modified a lot of parts that were too small or just too hard to make work. the only hang up I am having is the cannon tear drop shape, I have tried but cant come up with my own design. and the aft pieces of the nacelles. I know marc's has a curve built in to the piece, but I am looking for another effect, like this........ KLINGON D-7 NACELLES INST..png
    im still a little baffled but am using this to learn more about paper modeling in general. the movie d-7 has a lot of this eliminated, as the bridge sensor oval and plates that would hide the joins on the cannon bell. im going to finish this one up and then move on to that, I just love how tough this looks.......... Kronos_One.jpg all the movies that show this one, and the 1st stmp model kd7 is just too bichin in the kitchen to me!!! lol!!
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