TOS Cylon Armor Parts

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by ekuth, Mar 20, 2010.

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    Hi guys - Red has just alerted me to this thread - hope everyone is keeping well and working hard.

    DesignR - that suit is looking amazing!!! - are you all your parts built from paper prototypes? If so - it would be cool to know how you've take it to the next level.

    And MovieMan - guidance on how to re-create your easybuild Cylon chaser eye circuit would be of serious interest to many of the Zealot forums budding Cylons :D
  2. DesignR

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    Sorry to confuse,... this is THE prototype suit from which all suits came, not a paper re-creation. I just thought, since it isn't chromed, it would be easier to see the forms.
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    Hello movieman
    I don't know how to use pepakura designer to edit the inside pieces from right hand gauntlet round piece. I don't want to re design the model; just cut out the excess pieces and have a cutout on the round part and have the rectangle piece have tabs to join to the round cutout section.
    It dose sound like l want to re design the model.
    It is a great model.
    I am making a full size Cylon paper model costume.

    I am really bad at guess work in cutting pieces of paper to fit in two objets that do not have cutouts, and tabs.

    Thank you for your help
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    Could someone please post a "how to", and "material" needed for the Cylon Eye thingy? :confused:

    (or ya can e-mail it to me at If it's not too much trouble...:):wink:)

    I'd realy apreciate it!:thumb:

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    please post a tutorial

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    I eched my own circuit board, this process is to complex and also dangerous to try without the correct training as it involves the use of acid's. but for you USA persons I found a site that will sell you a kit to make your own cylon light circuit, all you need do is to solder extra LED's to each connection, normally I solder 3 LED's together... remembering positive to negative and solder the 3 LED's to the circuit board in place of the 1 LED, on a 8 LED board, this will become a 24 LED board, lighting up 3 led's at a time.

    Here is the link to the website that will sell you the kit and also instruct you on how to make one from scratch.
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    nice thank you
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    Thanks for the links.
  11. Vahmp

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    Now that's what I call "Service".:mrgreen:

    All joking aside...

    Much thanks guys, I really apreciate it!:thumb::thumb:

    Now to collect all data, parts list and see if I can get my "grubby li'l hands" on the "elect.." parts, here in Brasil.

    It'll be awhile before I get to start on this (Full Cylon armor) costume project. Doing a 1/1 remodeling project (house) at the moment. But as soon as I'm done, I'll start on it.

    It'll be used for Cos/Sci-Fi convention here.
    And if I do it right (hopefully), it will be a show stopper. hehehe
    The costumes people make here aren't that big of a deal, they also, don't do much outside of japanime and star wars.

    I'm planning on making it is paper covered with fiberglass/resin, and painted with cromo like paint.

    The fiberglassing and painting, will be a SNAP for me, since I work with that. (I customize MC's here, and also am an airbrush artist)

    Now there's just a few things more I'll need...

    1. The lower part of the Cylon, the upper leg and boot parts.
    Hopefully, someone here will do/finish (wich ever the case may be)...:p

    2. There is one more set of electronics, I have to find or figure out how to make.wall1
    The voice reverberating device.

    And 3. The undergarment with the rings/hoops around the abdomen/thorax and upper arms, to make this complete.

    Thanks again guys!!!!
  12. Vahmp

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    And I haven't decided e whether or not...

    To combine parts from the classic Cylon and the CGI Cylon from Razor, to make sort of the brige (costume) between both shows.
  13. ekuth

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    This site should help:

    I found my own solution for the undersuit, which I'll post here as soon as I'm done with it (and pics).

    Boot top armor pieces are being worked on.
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  14. Vahmp

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    Thanks a MIlL...!

    As for the undergarment...
    By looking at the pics in that site, it seems that the rings look like they're made of rubber. Like the rubber used in aluminum screen windows (except alittle wider), or or bungy cord rubber, sewn or glued onto the undersuite.
    (Steel rings would end up being too heavy, I think)

    The pads on the upper arms and legs is very easy to make (EVA rubber).

    Rifles and guns are also easy to fabricate, out of wood, PVC pipe and toy guns.

    The belt is also easy to make it functional (as a battery pack for the elect's...)


    Thanks a bunch Ekuth!
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    Hi Cyberkill,

    It's not at 10 posts that you can DL.
    It after 10 posts...

    after your 11th or 12th you can DL.
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    I'm thinking of attending a convention in August and this has me tempted to show up in costume.
  17. ekuth

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    I'm virtually done with mine. Just the boot tops to go. The undersuit was the biggest challenge; and while mine is definately NOT screen accurate, it fits the bill:

    Readily available
    Looks good

    Explanation/pics soon.
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    Cylon lights

    On the subject of Cylon lights the site below used to have some 32 LED kits variable speed kits for sale costing £35 which were a damn sight better than those sold by GadgetGangster.

    Sold a few myself (firm was only interested in making the kits if I bought sets of 10)

    Can't be bothered with selling another batch but he's a really friendly guy if anyone wants to pick up the baton.

    Though I still reckon Ekuth's tutorial is the way to go for the real bargain hunters....:thumb:
  20. BazookaJo

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    BTW if anyone's got an iphone or an ipod touch why not give the app below a whirl - it apparently has realtime voice-changing effects including Cylon....

    Just a thought....:cool:

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