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    What is a good DC power supply to power one or a few of these switch machines. What type of wire should be used. And what kind of switch would I need for simple control, DPDT SPDT?.......On a side note, does the spring wire it comes with need to be replaced with something stronger?:confused:
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    Tortoise Questions

    I tried 2 of the ways recommended. I ended up using the AC power and SPDT solution until I converted to DCC:


    I used solid core copper wires. For the switch wiring to Tortoise and Feeders, I used 22 gauge wires. For the bus wiring, 12 gauge. For the AC feeder wires, 16 gauge. AC power came off my Tech II controller. As for the wire, if it had to go more than 3/4's of an inch, I replaced it with thicker wire. (Yes, they say 1 inch but some times the throw would not finish with the wire they give you.)

    After deciding to convert to DCC, I kept the same wires for the bus and feeders but upgraded the switch wiring to 16 gauge and used "The Hare" from DCC Specialties with SPDT's:


    I also used the LED's feature on "The Hare". Here is a picture of one of my Hare's connected to a Tortoise as well as the wiring:


    A good source of wiring information, electronics and especially DCC is "Wiring for DCC" by Allan Gartner:

    You can also find good info and parts at "Tony's Train Exchange":
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    I have a pair of Tortoises. I use DPDT switches powered through a rectifier and tapped from the Lionel transformer that powers one of my throttles. I used the wire that came with the machine for the points -- Peco but with the Peco spring removed.
    I used fairly light wire on the individual machines and a bit heavier stuff from the main supply.
    I wired the LEDs as the instructions show. Warning: unplug the power supply before touching the soldering iron to the LED leads.
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    Radio Shack has a power supply for about $25. The part # is listed and is recommended in your instructions. If I remember correctly, you can power about 30 switch machines with the single power supply. I have never replaced the wire. If you need more or less movement, you can adjust the sliding bracket on the side of the machine. The nice thing about the indipendent power supply is that there is no interuption with the power supply to your loco.

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