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Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by b28_82, Feb 24, 2006.

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    Our club just purchased two of those hare decoders designed to plug right into the tortoise switch machines for a section of track so we can eliminate blind head-ons. Has anyone tried this with the Hare decoders or any other decoders? One guy at the club says that Digitrax's DS54s have more options.

    All of our switches in the attached picture are power routed meaning that if a train were to come up on a track and the switch isnt lined up for it the train will loose its power until the switch is thrown.

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    In looking at the hair it has a lot more features than my ds54
    • Plugs Directly on to Tortoise: Simplifies wiring and reduces failures.
    • Auto Throw™ Automatically throws points when a train is approaching against the points!
    • Auto Throw™ Timer: Provides for timing the auto throw function to prevent two trains from colliding.
    • Smart Route™ Sets up to 13 routes by simple address programming in addition to the primary decoder address.
    • Dispatcher Over-Ride™: Allows the Dispatcher to lock out all other switch commands.
    • Locked Route Control™: Provides for only one route direction response for either a Throw or Clear command.
    • Switch Speed Control™: Allows you to control the Tortoise motor speed.
    • Smart Default Ops™: Upon Power-up, HARES return to either last thrown position or a programmed default.
    1. Operate Switch Signals or Panel LED Indicators. Hey something my DS54 does...
    1. Manual Pushbutton or Toggle Switch: Allows single button or toggle switch manual control of the points. Hey something my DS54 does...
    • System Reset: A single CV command sets all Addresses and CVs to original factory values.
    • Direct Current Ops: The Hare will operate on DC using Manual Push Button Control Option.
    • Semaphore Operations: Allows the use of a Tortoise for triggered control of a signal head or crossing gate.
    • Automates Reverse Loop Turnouts. Using Auto Throw feature
    • Version II (List $34.95)
      1. All of the features above plus Feedback, Turnout Position Reporting to Digitrax Hey My digitrax 54 does this....
      If you want to trade let me know... Sounds like the hare is ten time better than 54
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    Thanks, I'm trying to convince some guys at the club that its better than the 54s hopefully i can. I'll have to show them this tonight

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