Tortoise & Bicolor LED Wiring

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by kchronister, Jan 9, 2006.

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    I don't know where you got the idea there was any negativity, I sure didn't think there was. I'm always open to learn and am glad someone that has the experience could step up and help. :thumb::thumb: I try my best with what I do know, but I kinda wing it from time to time with what I think I can add. hamrhamr We all learn something this way.:D
  2. Don, I re-read and I misread the post, sorry ! I really enjoy the site and appreciate the work you've done and do to keep this thing going. I've learned allot since joining. Joe :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
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    Hey, no problem, I think the only negative thing I said was about the back EMF spike.sign1sign1sign1

    But you're right, these forums are like an information vortex, funneling more and more good stuff our way.:wave: :wave: I get more out of being a mod here than I could ever offer in return.:D And don't think you will step on toes by offering better advice, there isn't a mod here that won't welcome it with gratitude.bounce7
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    learn somthing new every day:D having never used tortise machines but with learning a lot about led's at a price i'm always cautious with led's
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    Hey straight track,

    What did you use for the lines on your panels? Tape? Mask and paint? Other??? Would love to know... and if it works well for you.
  6. Kris, I accumulated some .125 Sheet aluminum while I was working (now retired). It was already painted black. After applying white drafting tape, drilling the appropriate holes for toggles, pushbuttons, rotary switches and LEDs, I had a hard time distinguishing my different blocks, hence the different color drafting tape. I've had no problems with it sticking, the adhesive works well. The changes one makes are easily handled. Extra holes from re-routing track are covered with a small tab of black electrical tape. Veiwed from several feet are not noticeable. I love all the colors !!!! Especially running at night with no lights, only the layout (old Tyco flood lites, bldg and signal lites on ). Joe [​IMG]

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