Toronto Xmas Train Show

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by 60103, Oct 26, 2008.

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    I plan to be there, probably with at least one of my sons. Yes, it would be great to meet up again! I'm looking forward as this is always a great show with lots of variety. Cheers, Rob
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    Not likely, I'll be working Saturday. Also, the link to the printable PDF doesn't work. I zoomed in on the graphic, and there's no mention of admission...

    ... which brings me to why I've given up on the Toronto shows. The last few times I've been to any of the shows at the International Centre, I've paid far too much only to see far too little for the price of admission. I'll go to the smaller, local shows (Kitchener, Paris, Woodstock, Ancaster), and pay $3-4 bucks and see just as much.
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    I also enjoy the smaller shows -- you do get good value for your money (an inexpensive day out with the kids:mrgreen:) and they're easier to get to, etc. Two that I really like are the Whitby one (usually the weekend following the Toronto show [it's actually the weekend BEFORE, not after -- see below) and the Barrie one in February. ... I'll have to try to get to some of the ones you mention, such as Paris and Woodstock.

    Having said that, I don't remember the Toronto show being overly expensive. What I like about the Toronto show is that there is a huge variety of scales -- lots of HO stuff for me and lots of old 0 gauge trains which my kids really like. They also have some garden scale live steam which is really neat, as well as display booths for full-scale heritage trains (Tottenham, John St. Roundhouse). And being a British train enthusiast, there are usually several British layouts to check out.

    Just some thoughts!
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    I usually try to go as well -- it would be great to meet up there with any Gauge members as well.
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    Ah, but those other shows won't have me squirting glue on bits of cardboard! sign1
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    It looks like the Whitby Train Show is the weekend BEFORE (not after) the Toronto show.

    I really enjoy this Whitby show ( so I'm going to mark it on my calendar now!

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    Toronto Christmas Train Show.

    I'll be at the show with the Narrow Gauge Madness Gang...

    Leave room on your calendar for the Ontario Narrow Gauge Show on April 18, 2009:thumb:

    Take a look at last year's show...
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    I'd be interested in going to the Narrow Gauge Madness event in April if possible. I enjoyed riding on the Portage Flyer this summer. I'd also like to meet up with any Gauge members at the Toronto show so I might try to pop over. Cheers, Rob
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    I'll be there for the 10 am opening on Sunday and stick around for a couple of hours. I'll be wearing a long black leather trench coat, hoodie and jeans.

    Just call me Mr. Sunshine. ;-) LOL!!!
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    Toronto Railway Heritage Center

    Quoting: Derek Boles
    Toronto Railway Heritage Moderator

    The Christmas Train Show will be happening this Saturday and Sunday at the International Centre out by Pearson Airport. The Toronto Railway Historical Association will have a booth at the show, which is now the largest annual train show in the GTA.

    On display will be an updated plan for the Toronto Railway Heritage Centre, the first time that an official park plan has been displayed in public. In the past we have displayed conceptual drawings but this is the real deal and most of what you see on the plan will probably be in place by this time next year.

    If you attend and we've never met, please introduce yourself. I will be there all day, both days, although I do tend to wander a bit.

    For more information and a coupon good for a $2 discount, go to:

    Derek Boles
    Toronto Railway Heritage Moderator

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