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    Here's some Don Ross photos from the days of the Toronto Transportation Commission. Should be lots of modeling ideas here and maybe some memories.

    Radial Cars 409-416


    Small Witts 2700-2798 (even numbers only)

    Class A-1 PCCs

    Class A-6 PCCs

    MTS recently had a HO scale brass A-6 PCC available.

    All other classes:

    stooges8 jawdrop
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    Thanks for the links Bill - some really good reference there. :thumb:

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    I think I rode that last one at least a few times during visits to Toronto/Ontario Place/CNE.

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    Notes:4559 is ex-Cincinatti car. Note the spit side windows (metal plate) which I think was called "no-draft sash", but we thought was to make it hard to hang your elbow out the window. Also, extra-wide cowling around the trolley pole, Cinci had a 2-wire overhead and 2 poles on the cars.
    4701 is ex-Birminham, Al by Pullman. Flat bit over top of windshield and squarer cowling. Can you tell that the standee windows are blue?

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