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Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by tetters, Jan 2, 2007.

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    More nice photography! That is really cool how they build the fence right over the tracks like that
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    So I walked into work this morning and from the hall and looking through to the front lobby I spotted this guy. VIA Rail locomotive # 919 pulling a mere four passenger car consist while waiting for a Go Train to clear the tracks.




    That's a neat shot Herb. How did you manage that? Did you get a ride in the loco, or was that taken from the back or a passenger car going the opposite way?

    I checked out some of your photo's Stu. Those are pretty cool to look at. Especially since I can see how much has changed up to the present day. Neat.

    I have a confession too. I've never been on a train in my entire life. Sadly the opprotunity has never presented itself. It's on my to do list. One day I'm just going to buy a ticket and hop on a Go Train or Via Train to Hamilton or something and then come back. Just for the heck of it.

    I also realized I've uploaded a ton of pics into the rail car and engine category in the Gallery in the last couple of days. Perhaps the mods could create a seperate folder for my pics? That would be super cool.
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    I love that Renaissance paint scheme on the VIA Rail P42 Gennies. IMHO much nicer looking that the wierd Phase V paint Amtrak locos wear. Hopefully one of these days I'll grab an Athearn P42 and paint one up myself.

    Does anybody make those new VIA passenger coaches in HO?
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    Great photo's guys!!! :thumb:

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    Nice pics. Big fan of Bombardier bi-level cars..
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    If you go to Hamilton, Shane, pick your times carefully. I believe the early morning trains are the only ones that run out of Hamilton (the former TH&B station), and the late evening trains are the only ones that go all the way back to Hamilton. In between those times, the Toronto service is to and from Burlington, with a bus connection to Hamilton. Another choice would be St. Catharines or Niagara Falls, on VIA or even Amtrak. If you go in May, the orchards (at least what's left of them :rolleyes: ) in the Niagara Peninsula will be in full blossom.

    Shane, you can create a separate folder, or folders, in the Gallery yourself, and if you do it as a sub-folder of the original, with a new title, the two will always appear together.

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    Tom, I'm not too well versed in the current prototype rail scene, but I think that those VIA cars with the Genesis loco are the cars from the Bombardier LRC. Maybe somebody with a little more knowledge can either confirm or refute this. :)

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    Just wondering, did anyone ever model this commuter train layout before?
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    Great pics Tetters! You know you're not in the US when you can walk around bridges and railyards with a camera, and the "finest" don't stop you and demand to know what you're doing. :)

    The LRC locomotives and coaches are apparently going to be offered by Rapido Trains, the same people doing the Supercontinental passenger cars. Hold on to your hats, though, they're not cheap!

    DC - do you mean does anyone have a layout modelling Toronto commuter operations? I don't know. The Bi-level cars were offered by Athearn awhile ago in HO and N, but to my knowledge, nobody's offered the F59PH's yet. Years ago Life Like (of all people!) did GO-Transic cars that looked a bit like the original single-level Hawker-Siddeley cars, and an F-unit (that GO used as control cars) and an F40PH (that GO didn't use).

    The bi-level coaches are by Bombardier, originally designed for GO-Chance-it, but now used by many commuter agencies in North America.
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    The LRC coaches by Rapido ARE out - if you can find them. I don't think they even had the chance to hit the hobby shops as they were sold directly. They've been snapped up real fast. Athearn has been offering the P42 Genesis unit in VIA colours for quite a while (or at least a reseller has been offering the units). Some of the guys in our HOTRAK club were running the VIA P42 and LRC cars at our last meet. Looked real neat!

    VIA has painted one F40PH in the new colours. The whole fleet is supposed to be painted in the new colours, along with upgrades to the traction motors. Here's a photo of the new paint scheme. Love that F40PH B-unit in the new paint scheme!!

    More pics at this URL

    Bob M.

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    Yes, they are.
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    The LRC cars were built by Bombardier, along with a separate Bombardier loco that "matched" the look of the LRC. However, the loco was underpowered and was replaced by the EMD (GM Diesel in Canada) F40PH which had been developed by EMD for Amtrak.

    The LRC cars are used on the Quebec (City) - Windsor corrider - oops, let me correct that. The LRC cars are now used on the Montreal Windsor corridor as the Montreal - Quebec routes are now served by the newer Renaissance cars. The Renaissance cars main service area are the Montreal - Moncton - Halifax transcontinental route, Quebec - Montreal, and Toronto - Montreal. Some Renaissance cars may wander between Toronto and Windsor.

    VIA introduced their new colour scheme with the purchase of the Renaissance cars and the GE P42 Genesis units. The P42 units were purchased to both power the Renaissance cars and to replace the F40PH units. The P42s first appeared pulling the LRC units while the Renaissance cars were being assembled by Bombardier, I believe at their Thunder Bay shops. They were a Canadian design which Bombardier tried to sell in the US to Amtrak. I believe one complete train was leased by Amtrak but was returned. I believe that this train has since been rebuilt to VIA specs and is now in VIA service, although it was sitting in the Montreal area gathering dust for quite a long time.

    The Renaissance cars were originally Britains contribution to the chunnel express trains between London and Paris. However, they never saw service. Canada (VIA) bought them (about 140 cars) for about $140 - $160 million. Some cars were assembled but most of the cars were in the form of "scratch-built kits". They were shipped over in intermodal containers for assembly and modification to meet Transport Canada specs. If you get a chance to see them, take a look at the coupler between the loco and the cars. Also, the first car is a "collision" car to dissipate the crash energy in case of a head-on crash.

    There is still debate and I believe legal action being taken on the accessibility for wheel-chairs. There is a very large space for persons confined to a wheel-chair and their companions at one end of the car right next to the washrooms. VIA assists with helping persons onto the cars at all of their stations. Unlike the LRC cars, the aisles are very narrow and will not permit a wheel chair to be rolled from one end of the car to the other. The Renaissance cars are very narrow along the European style. If modifications are made to the cars, VIA will lose a large amount of seating per car.

    As it is, the seats are very narrow and you feel as if you are sliding into a coccoon. which is why VIA has attached a "lounge car" on the VIA1 (first class). This car is used to store baggage, prepare meals, and allows VIA1 passengers to stretch their legs and watch the scenery go by.

    I've done the trip between Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec quite a number of times. The Ottawa Montreal leg is via LRC. The Montreal - Quebec leg is usually by Renaissance. IMHO, it's the only way to go, particularly when the plane trip is a turbo-prop Dash-8. As soon as the meal is finished, I make my way into the lounge car. Most people don't know that the car is there. This is where you can talk to the conductor and the rest of the crew and pick up lots of information about the train service.

    First photo is the "collision car" behind the P42 loco. There are no windows in the car. It is also used for baggage. Second photo is a standard Renaissance car. Both photos are in the Limoulou yard which is just before the Gare du Palais (Palace Station) in Quebec City. An excellent place to do some railfanning right up close but behind fencing.

    Bob M.

    PS - Nobody's commented on that nice B-unit behind the F-40PH?

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    Cool info. Nice pics too.
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    You mean the baggage car?


    The WB Ocean, Oct 13 2006, Sackville NB.

    Also, I think that the ruling came down on the accessibility - one of the few "common sense" rulings lately. IIRC the judge basically said VIA was responsible for providing reasonable access to the facilities of the train, not 100% access to the entire train.
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    Or did you mean the techno-toaster behind it?

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    Remember when Spadina looked like this?

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    No i do not remember those days wish i was able to take pictures back then.
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    Shane, I rode the GO train this morning, from Burlington to Union Station, then, a bit later, back to Burlington. In about 20 minutes, I'll be going back again. The morning train at 07:25 was full, but the return trip at 09:43 had lots of room. I bought the day pass, as I knew that I had to make two round trips anyway: about fifteen bucks and change. :thumb:
    You can buy an all-day pass on any route for the same price as a round-trip ticket, and it allows unlimited trips and stopovers. The day pass can't be bought before the day it's to be used, though, and there is no day pass for the entire system. When the weather gets a bit nicer, I may make a day of riding the trains: for about $37.00, unlimited travel for one day between Hamilton and Oshawa, and I believe this also includes the Milton line. The trip isn't exactly the scenic route, although there are some nice homes in the Bronte Creek area, and the older industrial area between Mimico and Union Station has some interesting buildings. West of Oakville, it's fairly modern industry, without much character.


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