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Discussion in 'RC Onroad Forum' started by vette_7t9, May 14, 2004.

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  1. vette_7t9

    vette_7t9 Member

    My stock RS4 with an OS engine tops out so quick. Is this normal? do i haf to buy a 2 speed to make it run fast?
  2. bandit1

    bandit1 Member

    change the gearing on ur clutch or spur gear. since u changed to an os engine, its probobly got more power than the stock engne, so it will top out faster with the same gearing. so try that, b4 the 2 speed, altho the 2 speed is a good upgrade.
  3. dj6666969

    dj6666969 Active Member

    hell no dout switching gearing on the clutch bell and the spur would make it faster, but it would be as fast as with the 2 speed, if money is not a total issue go for the 2 speed youll be alot happier you did so!
  4. pimp

    pimp Active Member

    2 speed and the clutch bell and spur gear would be the best if u have the $ 2 spend
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