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    Hi Everyone
    Im a newbe on Zealot and dont have anything to contribute yet.Im looking for a site with HO scale buildings etc.Im into mostly plastic models but like to try card models.My latest model is a HO scale "Big Boy" locomotive and would like to build a card model station,or locomotive shed to go with it.
    Thanks for any help:wave:

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  2. There are tons of HO buildings on the net. I probably have a couple of gigs of them. I just recently build a beta (test) build for a new design of a really cool warehouse that is extremely detailed. However that is a commercial model and not released yet. But if you want I can contact the designers and see if they have released it for sale and how much. They are going to specialize in HO buildings of various types and I have another coming this fall. So far they haven't gone public yet.
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    This site has some buildings in various scales.
    All Guage Page
    Check out the format that the buildings are in. There is a special note about it.
    I have not built any so cannot comment on the quality.

    This site has a specific category for buildings.
    SS42 Models
    They are different scales, mostly 25mm it seems like. You could rescale them to HO.

    Here are a few resources for rescaling.

    Hobby Calculator

    Scale Calculator

    Scalemaster Calculator

  4. I'm pretty new to this side of the Forum
    Got a link to the seller?

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    Try this link . It has many drawings/plans. Don't know if a RR station or locomotive shed is among them, but it's worth a shot. One caveat: the interface is reported to be a frustrating experience.

    What RR are you looking for? Try some of the RR historical societies. They are a trove of information. Also, try posting in The Gauge Model RR section here at Zealot. They are very knowledgeable and friendly. Tell 'em Elliott sent ya'. Or not.
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    Welcome! You will find that there is a plethora (I just love using that word for some reason) of models that will fit your description :)

    Given that you are new it would probably bode well to make sure you know to use heavy card stock for your building, especially if you plan on parking big plastic planes in, around or on them :) much sturdier! :)
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    Big Boy Project

    Hi I Came across this site I'm sure there must be more states proving Free Models to download. I've had no trouble & the quality is pretty good. There is a railroad goods wharehouse, not sure where I've seen a station. I am pretty sure I didn't dream it. Good luck.

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