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Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade' started by MOS95B, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. MOS95B

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    Took The Missus to the mall yesterday (just about the only way I get any exercise in the winter up here). We ducked into Archivers so she could look at the papers, and I was hoping to find a metal ruler.

    I found one, and even more....

    BasicGrey Magnetc Precision Mat Kit
    Includes one 15"x15" cutting mat, one 18" ruler and 8 magnetic tacks.


    The ruler has a thin flexi-magnet on the back that grabs the mat, but not so hard that it can't be adjusted. It does leave a small gap between the mat and the ruler edge, but flip the ruler over, and it's not much thicker tham card stock.

    The magetic tacks (bootom left of the pic) are very strong! I don't really have a use for them while modelling, so they are stuck to the fridge right now.

    The mat if fairly soft, which makes scoring much easier (for me).

    All in all, I'd say it is $25.00 well spent, and would recommend it to anyone who is ready for a new cutting mat.
  2. rickstef

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    I moved this to Tools of the Trade.

    this looks like a winner, gonna see if I can find one at the local Michaels tonight

  3. MOS95B

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  4. thewoodengraver

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    I swear to you I have been looking for something like that.
    AWESOME!!!:grin::grin::grin:THANK YOU!!!:grin::):wink:
  5. MOS95B

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    I figured this would be a popular tool

    Just to clarify the strength of the magnet on the ruler. It grabs the 65 lb card stock I use quite well, but I found out that if you try to hang the mat with the ruler just stuck to it, the ruler will slide off (and land on you bare toe. That thin edge ain't comfortable after a 4 to 5 foot fall). The ruler was not damaged. The toe has yet to receive final diagnosis.

    Not sure if you, the potential consumer, would consider this good or not. I personally like it, becuase I can still adjust the ruler once it's down. Some may want a stronger grip
  6. rickstef

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    I bought this yesterday at A.C. Moore, and I used a 50% coupon to get it, so i paid 12.49 for it.

    I used the mat for cutting up some origami paper, and it was great to use it, the ruler is a bit long for me, wish it was a bit shorter.

  7. B-Manic

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    The magic of magnetism

    Don't lose the magnets. I use them to clamp small laminated parts against a small steel ruler to prevent warping and delaminating. I also use them, on the ruler, to hold folded parts like boxes together until dry. They can also be used in pairs to clamp cone edges together.

    My favourite use is to clamp the glue edge of wings to a steel rule ensuring a straight, flat trailing edge.

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