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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by alex_mrrkb, Dec 13, 2002.

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    I'm trying to resist the temptation to cram all I can in a very small space... Help me !!!

    My layout is 3x7 N scale. Now that the track is completely laid, I'm trying to figure out how I'm gonna place roads (and streets...) on the layout.

    One problem I had when laying tracks was to fight this same problem: trying to place as much as possible in a small space. I was able to resist and came up with a track plan that I like.

    Now here's what I'd like: see the attached pictures, with roads drawn in black. Tell me if it makes sens to YOU! I've placed comments about the layout in yellow to help you understan the meaning of each road (street).

    EVERY comments are welcome and appreciated. Thanks !!!

    P.S.: Sorry for the poor quality of the image ... I din't have my camera on hand and had to use the webcam...

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  2. Clerk

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    Alex. I see nothing wrong with they way you lined up your tracks and roads. It should really be fun when completed enought to really enjoy running your trains and placing buildings beside your roads. I say go for it.:D :D :D :D
    It also should look real good once you have some scenery on it.
  3. jon-monon

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    Maybe get some mock up buildings on it to help you decide; even just rectangles cut out of paper to represent the foot print of building to come. But I agree with clerk. And if ya don't like it later on you can try to get some unemployed little plastic people to tear out some of the streets.
  4. Railery

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    That looks great. i like it. Doing mockups is a great suggestion. U can use cereal boxes, shampoo bottles anything that will portray the kit. u can cut out strips of cardboard and laydown on the layout to show the roads. u can even paint the mockups to give a better visualization. :D
  5. billk

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    Alex -

    If you start to feel that all the roads are making things a little too "busy", or are taking up valuable space, just remember that they are just a scenic element.

    You don't have to actually have a full road network connecting all the various locations on your layout. Take advantage of the fact that a road can run off the edge of your layout, go who knows where, and then return (or not) to another spot on the layout.
  6. alex_mrrkb

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    Great !

    Thanks to all for your replies.

    I've made tiny changes to the road plan but the whole idea is about the same. As soon as I can start building mock-ups I'll know it I can stick with the plan but it feels good at this moment.

    Thanks !

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