Ton Noteboom's Soyuz TMA 1:48

Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by BARX2, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. BARX2

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  2. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    that IS big sir... :-D
  3. SAustin16

    SAustin16 Member

    Beautiful rocket model. Looks like it was fun to build.
  4. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member


    WOW! Nice work, Barx2!
  5. wedge

    wedge Member

    I love Sojuz - very , very beautiful rocket and very nice build model :)
    respect (sorry for my english = SFME :-D - i will use this forever ) :-D

    I also have every type of sojuz that are "freemodel" on net...but I think - This is the best model ever designed
  6. BARX2

    BARX2 Member

    Hi Wedge. Don't worry about your English. It's fine. :)

    I have seen another picture of that Albatros model. I would like to buy one, but I don't know where. Is anyone still selling them?

    I like your modeling, too. I hope you stay around here and become a regular member. :)
  7. wedge

    wedge Member

    It is very difficult to buy one. Only on some of the auction probably in czech republic. I was lucky to buy one , but the price was very big :-D The original price in 1980 (maybe earlier) was about 20 crown...I bought it for 2300 crown :-D - it was cheap for me, because when it came to my knowledge (vocabulary phrase :)) I was smitten :-D

  8. BARX2

    BARX2 Member

    Wow! That's expensive. OK, I'll have to be happy with the free models. I did buy one one Soyuz, though. I bought Soyuz FG. - Sojus FG - Paperwarbirds
  9. wedge

    wedge Member

    thank you for the tip , i saved the site to my "must buy" batch :thumb:
  10. gpw

    gpw Member

    Hi wedge,

    did you build your Albatros model despite it was so expensive? If yes it would be very nice to see some pictures.:yep:

  11. wedge

    wedge Member

    The answer is . NO. :-D because I´m not enough courageous yet... The LM was my first model and the LRV the second :-D I must made some presents (3 "nonspace" models) and after that I can continue :-(

    There is the finished model , but it is not mine

  12. gpw

    gpw Member


    I stand in awe if the LM was your first and the LRV your second model :inw:. Great respect. I have built Udons LM last year and for me it was not the easiest model. I am looking forward to your future builts.

  13. gpw

    gpw Member

    According to those pictures you are right !!! I would give much to have this model.
  14. wedge

    wedge Member

    Thank you for your praises :) maybe it is enough - because I´m going to be bigheaded :-D . unfortunately , I must make one model for my commander (it is present :-D ) , one for my car (model of my car - to put it on the dash-board )and one model for our new competition ,that was announced on the czech forum :)
    But I promise , that i will be working on my space models all the time :)

    Another space model that is waiting to be build (after LM diorama) is Gemini 4 from the Delta 7 studios :)

    The Sojuz 28 is unfortunately very hard to get :-( One is not enaugh :cry:
  15. underwoodl06

    underwoodl06 Member

    I have a question referring to the Interstage of the Soyuz. (the triangular supports between the 2nd and 3rd stages) Does it attach to the 3rd stage (like Ton has for his model) or is it attached to the 2nd stage like is shown in this picture?

    I am building the soyuz rocket and I'd really like to know.
    Also, I plan on building a Soyuz craft and keep it under the shroud of the rocket.
  16. Ton, I have great respect for your work. Your attention to detail sometimes seems like overkill while I'm building you models but then when it is all done, I realize there is a reason. The results speak for themselves.
  17. davelant

    davelant Member

    Wedge, did you ever build that rare and beautiful Soyuz?
  18. wedge

    wedge Member

    Hello Celticband. sorry for the daley :mrgreen: The answer is : No I didn´t , but a really want to :thumb:

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