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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by eleewhm, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. eleewhm

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    hi all..i have decided to go for TOMIX i still have to order the items from going for the following starter set Tomix 90149 Nozumi and Tomix 90146 Yamanote Line.

    Also getting the Tomix 91077 Overhead Train station..

    now heres the hard i do not want to end up buying the wrong parts ..or having too many extra tracks from wrong purchase....i have planned it as follow...

    Turning right out from the station , the Shinkansen will travel on a overhead track system.. while the Yamanote train will turn left out to a downward section to street level....for this section i have not decided how i should go about yet...


    so fellow Gauges...i need your advice...are the items i am purchasing enough for this scenario??
  2. eleewhm

    eleewhm Member

    no worries..managed to get the reply i want from another forum..and discovered the free CAD software... :D

    my track layout

  3. railohio

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    Glad to see you got your answer. When I first read this thread in the library at school I couldn't get the product pages to load because the Japanese characters weren't loaded into Internet Explorer. Now that I'm home I can read them just fine, though, in Safari. :D

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