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Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by tthomas, Sep 14, 2007.

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  1. tthomas

    tthomas New Member

    I bought the card model of the H.M.S.Bellona from the shipyard but I think I have some wrong parts sheets, on this web site and the shipyards the planking for the hull look like real wood but the planking I got with my model are like a brite canary yellow. Also on the web sites it shows on the sheet parts for the life boats parts for three boats, but my parts sheet give me five boats. Either the web sites are mistaken or I got the wrong parts. Can any one help?. thanks
  2. dansls1

    dansls1 Member

    I can't help with your model problem, sorry - but I bet there's somebody around here who can.
    So whereabouts in the US are you located?
  3. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    Welcome to the fold! I havent seen the model before so cant help either. Have you emailed them yet? Maybe their phone is on your invoice too :) you prolly tried that already but just in case :)
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