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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by triman, Jun 20, 2002.

  1. triman

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    I was going to post this in the Academy but couldn't find the "post new topic" button.
    When modelling a pass carriage, rather than polluting a paint brush with white paint, having just used it for applying another colour on the body, I use "Liquid Paper" or "White Out" to put the white privacy covering on the inside of the toilet cubicle windows. It already comes with its own brush and applied from the inside leaves a good matt finish.
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    Welcome to The Gauge, triman. What a way to start, with a neat tip like that! The Academy is "read-only", mostly so that we don't start adding replies and comments to a posting -- if you look at some of the threads you'll find we sometimes go off on some pretty irrelevant tangents.

    btw - What's a pass carriage?
  3. Tyson Rayles

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    I would guess pass is short for passenger and carriage is Aussie for car?????? Welcome to the Gauge triman!! :)
  4. triman

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    Thanx for the welcome!
    Like Woodie I come from the Antipodes, although Woodie's from Sydney, just a short 9 hour drive up the road!
    I'm meandering back to model rail after an absence of many years and am checking as many forums (fora?) as possible, as well as manufacturers' sites, for info and inspiration.
    I'll probably make quite a few posts and remarks and if there is any term i use that isn't easily understood please feel free to ask for a clarification, however most Australian rail lingo is based on British usage. Now there's an idea! A dictionary/lexicon for model and prototype rail!
    And yes, pass carriage is a passenger car.
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    Hello Triman,
    Welcome to the gauge. If you do have an article you would like putting into the Academy/archives, email me at and I will put it in for you.

  6. Vic

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    Welcome and a question for the thread

    Hi Triman and welcome aboard!:)

    While we are briefly on the subject of toilets:D ... does anyone know of an available casting for an HO Scale commode? I have some of the "hoppers" like those that are used in passengers cars but I'm talking about the "household" variety:D :D :)
  7. Bob Collins

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    Oh goodie, now when I go to Australia next June I have Woodie and triman to visit while I'm there. triman, if your railroad lingo is based on the English, does that mean your railroads run on the wrong side like theirs do.:D :D

    Welcome aboard cobber.

  8. Woodie

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    Big words!

    Welcome Triman!

    Couple of new Aussies in as many days! WOW! We're breeding fast! :D

    Yeah.... it's a carraige! Cars go on roads, and have glove boxes, bonnets, mudguards, and boots and run on petrol!!. And none of this "caboose" business, it's a guard's van.:D and it's sleepers, not ties, a fast train is anything over 20kph, and it's points, not turnouts. But I'm sure we can educate them all in the ways of the world! :D :D :D
  9. Sempak

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    Welcome Triman,

    We Aussies are planning to take over this forum as a small step to taking over the worlds. HAHAHAH *GULP* (takes medicine)...

    I thought Aussies all worked on cattle stations, said "g'dat mate", wore cork hats and had pet kangaroos called skippy. Everyone has that stereotype exept for the Britts who are obsessed with neighbours.

    I believe a fast train is one that goes...

    Bob, will you visit me too?

  10. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    Welcome aboard Triman,

    I'm pretty new here myself but have already received lots of helpful information from a great bunch of folks. Your subject heading had me curious ("Toilet windows"?!?) but I thought your idea was brilliant. Liquid paper dries faster than paint so your scale people will be able to use the facilites more quickly. :)
  11. Vic

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    A Souvineer

    Back during the Bi-Centenial when AMTRAK and Southern Railway was handling the Freedom Train on the East Coast I was privledged to ride with the crew for a day. When I left the train at Montgomery, Alabama I asked one of the conductors for a souvineer of my trip. He gave me this sign:D :D :D Thought that this might be a good thread to post it in:D :D :D :p

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  12. RI541

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    I may be late with this, Evergreen hill designs sells a basic house hold toilet. Their in an older Walthers catalog.

    Funny thing is I found some High tank (the tank mounted up on the wall) or pull chain toilets in N-Scale believe it or not. I was impressed. Now I just need a building around them:) :D :)

    I'm not pooping you guys either..

    ok bad pun :( :eek: :(
  13. Vic

    Vic Active Member

    Thanks for the information Shane. :) I'll see if I can find some of those "johns":D

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