To-the-floor scenery???

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Peter Sardagna, Nov 22, 2006.

  1. Most of us don't have as much model RR real estate as we would like.

    What do you all think of extending rocky scenery all the way to the floor, then finishing the access isles to look like water -- river, lake, inlet, etc. -- and creating an interesting shoreline. Could even have a perimeter track running special trains along the shore, within reach of the kids...

    This could result in some dramatic terrain, like John Allen made many years ago.

    Any of you done anything like this?
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    A quarry or pit mine would be another interesting prototypical situation for modeling vertical scenery and switchbacks. Could be fascinating in On30 with little Critters zigzagging tiny ore cars up and down the bowl-perimeter of the mine...a great opportunity to really go all out on lightweight rail/temporary trackwork and unique equipment.

    Do a search for the "Vulcan Vale" narrow gauge Australian model railroad that, while it wasn't scenery-to-the-floor (I don't think), it could have fit that scheme, perhaps.

    And doesn't George Sellios have a scenery-to-the-floor section on the F&SM?

  3. Thank you, Galen; good ideas!
    Here is what John Allen did many years ago -- he just didn't go as far as making the floor look like water.

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    But honestly how hard would that be? Of course you'd probably want everyone wearing bowling shoes or going sock-footed to keep from scuffing the water texture :)

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