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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by billk, Sep 5, 2003.

  1. billk

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    For what's is worth, here's a repost of a thread on the forum with a heads up for mail orders from the US to Canada:

  2. Ben H

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    The brokerage fee aspect of a item shipped as stated can get real painful. Early in the year I had a $50.00 item that ended up having a a $25.00 brokerage fee added. This charge coved the administration by Purolator Courier to clear the item through customs and collect the Canada GST Tax at the border.

    It seems so short sighted for a company to instigate such a unbalance charge. Because once you get hit your start looking for another courier source.

    Purolator Courier must be happy not to have these small items on their activity list so we should be happy using another courier system.
  3. GNRail

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    It seems that most of the couriers have outragous fees. If I remember the last time I used UPS it was around $50.00 USD for them to broker a package that was duty free (amateur radio equipment)

    Does anyone know if the USPS does the same thing with standard mail or is it just express post?
  4. Lighthorseman

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    The Poop On Brokerage...

    Okay, here's the deal.

    The brokerage fees are essentially the Government of Canada saying, "Don't want to use a Crown corporation? Fine. It's going to COST you."

    Canada Post, a crown corporation, has specific import rules that the competition does not have. They charge only a flat $5.00 fee for any item over a $30.00 CAD value. This charge comes into effect only if the value of the item exceeds $30.00 Canadian. Everyone else must broker these items across, resulting in the exorbitant fees.

    Fedex and UPS offer the brokerage fees included with anything shipped air, as there is enough markup in this system to afford eating that cost.

    As a result, when the Purolator or UPS guy show up at the door, you can expect to have to fork out $40.00 or more in charges for something that you got from Ebay for $20.00 USD...whereas the Post Office would want about six or seven bucks.

    Here is the truly EVIL part. UPS, the great steamrolling monolith, has decided that they've had enough of this stupid competition nonsense up here in Canada, and have taken Canada Post to court over the difference in import charges, claiming that it's an unfair government subsidy. (Okay, so maybe it is. I don't mind.) Instead of asking that they not be obliged to charge so much more, they're demanding that the Post Office ALSO charge these extortionate fees, handily holding onto the ludicrously profitable brokerage fees, and hooping all the hapless peons (us) in the process.

    A happy bonus for them is that with an "even playing field", now they'll just crush all the competition.

    Egad. The humanity.:D
  5. Paul Davis

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    Here's my experience for what it's worth. If you ship UPS ground you will get charged brokerage fees. I haven't yet been charged brikerage by anyone else but I'll watch purolator for sure now. I've shipped FedEx (international economy) several times and always payed $7 + gst.

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