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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by joesho, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. Squidbait

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    Sorry, I didn't want to come off as condoning the scheme or condemning the mods. The mods made the right call, it's spam and has no place on the boards.

    But it seemed like Josh was hot to trot on following it up, so I thought I'd let folks know it wasn't the same as "Smash through brick walls with your new, longer...", ahem... or the "We need your help to recover 2 billion dollars in Slobovian money, just send us... sort of things.
  2. Seaboard

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    Yur right ezdays, it is better to have staff members on here to delete the spam immediatly, then not having any staff at all. I was a member on a different online trainclub at Internet Train Club and they did not have a good firewall. I was a member for 5 years and at one point spammers started showing up and started posting multiple posts. It got so bad that they started emailing me and other members. The mods however, Did not even bother deleting the posts! It got so bad there I blocked my email address and stayed off of it for awhile. Someone hacked in and put a block on the homepage and nobody was able to get in. They got the site back but had to close the forum. I counted 235 spam posts!:eek: while I was still on the forum.
  3. Ralph

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    I'm late to this conversation having just gotten home from work but I'll reiterate that we will remove spam as soon as we see it. Coincidentally i just yanked one out of the middle of a thread. Gone gone gone!
  4. TruckLover

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    Good job Ralph :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
  5. Cannonball

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    I really hate spam. :mad:

    :curse: DIE SPAM DIE!! :curse:
  6. CNWman

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    Darn, if I only had some way to resize pics, 'cause I know I have some pic of TTTE running over the incarnation of spam I made when I was bored stored in this computer somewhere....:D
  7. rogerw

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    no free lunches in this world

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