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    Ok, I'm running two trains at the same time with TMCC. How do I stop one train with the other still running? If I hold the BRAKE button down, the engine will slow down to a stop but start up again as soon as release the button. I want one engin to stop completly. If I hit the HALT button, they both stop. Not what I want. Also, what is the computer port for on the TMCC box?
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    Just turn that big red wheel. It will stop the engine that the CAB 1 is address at the time.
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    The fastest way to stop the current loco under TMCC control is to hit the DIR button. It will stop (based on momentum settings) and wait for the red throttle wheel to be turned to start it in the opposite direction.

    The RS-232 serial port connector on the TMCC Command Base (CB) is for connection of the CB to other devices. The most common usage is for connection to other TMCC devices such as the ARC/AMC gantry crane. This allows you to use the Cab1 to address the ARC/AMC gantry crane - but since this version of the gantry crane does not have a TMCC radio (track signal) receiver in it, the ARC/AMC version uses the RS-232 serial link from the CB to the ARC/AMC Gantry Crane base to transmit the decoded CAB-1 signals via the RS-232 link to the crane controller.

    ARC= Action Recorder Controller
    AMC = Accessory Motor Controller

    The RS-232 port also echoes all CAB-1 commands out of the CB RS-232 port.

    You can also input commands to the CB via the RS-232 port.

    The Lionel CB manual page 36 gives a description of the TMCC command base protocol.

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