TMAXX 2.5 Aftermarket Cooling Head??

Discussion in 'RC General & Getting Started' started by bosshoss, Jun 26, 2003.

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  1. bosshoss

    bosshoss New Member

    Does anyone know of an aftermarket head for the 2.5 T-Maxx, one that is bigger and cools the engine better? I don't care about color or looks, just function.

    If you have tried one , please let me know.

    Thanks, in Chevy V8 powered motorcycles.
  2. rwpmaxx

    rwpmaxx New Member

    CRAZY NUT RACING Has one It drops the temp by about 45 degrees for $60.00 has a test on it just go there and on the right scroll down till you see CRAZY NUT click it and you'll see it.
  3. rockn82

    rockn82 Marx Brother

    Hardcore racing puts out a Silver head that drops the temp about 50degrees. Also Golden Horizons makes a head that is the same size and has more cooling fins. Seems to me that it would run even cooler. But since my distributor can't get thier hands on one, I can't either LOL. So I cant say how good the horizons is.
  4. slickdawgz

    slickdawgz New Member

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