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Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by peter taft, Oct 24, 2008.

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    Sad loss

    Hi Phil. Very sad isn't it my old mate ? She had a good innings all things considered... useing her own money for her upkeep and well being at her time of life was a wicked state of affairs which goes to show that the powers that be are more concerned how much they can get out of you than they are about how much help they can give you {as little as possible in most cases :curse: !} I updated the website Phil.

  2. Gixergs

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    There was a charity set up to help her with the bills at the end with Kate Winslet.Leonardo DiCaprio and James Camaron all donating money.Sadly to little to that as Milverna had already needed to sell her belongings.WW1 veteran Harry Patch would be in the same situation were it not for the RBLI.
  3. peter taft

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    Hi matey. It's a sad fact of life in this country.... the average person works all of his or her life, pays taxes and anything else the government can think of to get more money out of you. You fight for your country - you work for your government and if there's anything left over and you managed to save anything after all that.... they tax you for it {again} this is why alot of people who have made some money go abroad so that they actually get to spend some of it. This country treats it's Hero's like something you'd trodden on, and it's old people the same. One shouldn't have to rely on charity to live a normal life but it happens far too often. Money spent on rubbish projects and all the swindling our politicians do is disgusting. Whoops... got carried away there mate, but it all makes my blood boil :curse:
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    Oh yes and God forbid you ever need help with physical or mental disability no chance:curse:.Its amazing you see all the infomercials on TV about the government agents tracking down the people who are getting more than they are entitled too( maybe they should of been looking closer to home) but never anything about finding people that are not getting what they are entitled to.Well end of soap box timeannounce1 sorry about that.
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    The sinking diorama is a subject not oftern broached. Well done, and very thought provoking which I'm sure was your intent. You gotta love it when a plan comes together...
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    In common

    Everyone knows that when one build's a ship or Creature Model or Truck model or car Or even a Plane of any type .. Keep in mind that
    Not only is the Model Small to the real ship Car truck or plane.. which ever they are building .. But My point is that even though the model is a "Copy " One is still useing the same design's that the original designer's Used. So the one that is building the Ship plane car truck or Spaceship, or Creature Has something in common with the original builders So we as people that like to build or favorite Model's share with or predessor's the same work ... Which I believe Links us together in thought and We can understand the person or person's that worked on the "Real ' Ship's planes or which ever

    So it also enables us to carrie them with us ( If they have passed on ) Or Lets them come to or age if they where alive in the passed . Like a novel written centuries ago or Decades ago .

    So when you build your projects keep in this in mind.

    Just a thought

    Uncle JOE

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