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Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by peter taft, Oct 24, 2008.

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    Sinking Titanic continued

    Here's the Stacks, Davits and a small amount of the rigging added. I started the TIRPITZ thread today so you might like to have alook there too. Regards. Pete :wave:

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    Thanks for that - I guess you approve. Regards. Pete :wave::wave:
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    Sorry for delay

    Hi guys. So sorry for the delay in the updates here... Health probs slowing it all down - Even the Tirpitz isn't getting my attention at the moment :cry: . The Saw that i mentioned will appear here within the next few days ! i was totally GOB SMACKED to have it given to me :eek: , the first time i held it i got very emotional knowing it was in the the hands of my wifes Great Grandfather and still contains wood dust from the Titanic - More on that later in the week. Please follow the link below and leave a comment, it's all pretty much UNDER CONSTRUCTION but i hope you like what you see :mrgreen: . All the best to you guys. Regards. Pete. :wave:

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    The Sinking Titanic Complete

    Hi everyone. Well here's the finished project and i hope you like it. Pictures of the SAW etc... this week :thumb: All the best to you guys. Regards. Pete :mrgreen:

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    Hi Pete, hope you are feeling better. Titanic looks absolutely brilliant. keep up the great work :thumb::thumb:

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    Hi Mick. I'm up and running again " But not in the SNOW " and feeling much better thanks friend - Hope you are o.k too. Glad you like the Titanic. Regards. Pete.
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    Good one Pete

    Nicely done Pete :thumb: great looking model I trust you will be adding it to your Titanic web site nice job with that by the way :mrgreen:. So all hands to the Tirpitz now then :twisted:
    All the best mate glad your feeling better Phil
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    This is the model of GPM ????? is fantastic, congratulation
  10. Verrrrry nice work. Just a point on accuracy. The rigging was black not white. But hey I guess if your going down it really wouldn't matter whetherthere was tar on them or not. They were made of steel and the tar was to keep them from rusting.
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    Why thank you kind sir, soooo pleased you like her and yes the Tirpitz gets my full attention now :thumb: , and the Titanic will go on the site. Regards your old mate Pete :mrgreen:
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    Hi there friend. Yes you are right it is a GPM model {1/700 scale} my good friend Phil {Gixergs} gave it to me for a Christmas present {the first time i'd ever had an original model to make} and i will be buying more from that company in the future because their models are great to build. Glad you like her. Regards. Pete. :wave:
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    Hi there. Yes i know the rigging would be black my friend, the white rigging is supposed to be an icy effect {although i forgot to do the same for the rigging on the stacks - they're black} i guess the effect i tried wasn't too effective... Sorry. Glad you like the model other than that. Regards. Pete. :wave:
  14. Well just remember the air was very dry and no humidity. Not to mention that fact that the seas were like glass. So, there wouldn't have been any ice in the rigging. But like I said, It doesn't detract from the model in any way. In fact the overall effect is quite sobering when you consider this was the last monemt of countless lives. Again, Bravo, very nice piece of work. Besides if us rivet counters as we are sometimes called weren't here, who would keep us on tract?

    Keep up the good work. Looking forward to more.
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    Nicely done. You don't see this sceen done in modeling often. I'd be torn about cutting up a completed work to get it done. Again, well done.
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    That looks really good!! Well done!

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    Sorry for DELAY

    Sorry for the delay in bringing you the pictures of the SAW... Been very busy, but i have to set the gear up for some pics of the Tirpitz later this week, so i will do them all in one go PROMISE. Regards Pete :wave:
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    The SAW and LOCKET

    Hi everyone. Well here's the pictures of the SAW and LOCKET i promised a million years ago. The Saw was one of a set {others yet to be found} In the close-up you can see his name embedded {this was done to all professional equipment in those days - apparently things we're stolen quite often, and it was a security measure to put stop to theft} In the round brass pressing the details read " E.C ATKINS & Co - INDIANAPOLIS - DECEMBER 27TH 1887". The LOCKET shows my wifes Great Grandfather James Scott and his wife Eliza {Boyd}. Well i can only say that i feel very proud to own these items, and the fact that maybe...just maybe there's still some sawdust in the cracks on the handle that came from THE TITANIC. That's all folks.:wave:


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    Milvina Dean,the last survivor of the Titanic has passed away at the age of 97yrs.She was just a babe in arms at the time when the great ship sank.

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