Tire Distribution center.

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    This is based on the tire distributor in the Central Ohio Industrial Park.It receives tires in 50' boxcars.They ship the tires to dealers by truck.While the real building is concrete one could use any warehouse structure or could use DPM parts and scratch build a building.
    COPI Security takes a dim view on trespassing.
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    Here is the Walthers Tire Distribution Center Buildings, There all retired models though:cry:

    Main Headquaters
    Stamping Plant
    Tire Plant
    Assembly Plant
    Distribution Facility
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    It's too bad that Walthers has discontinued those structures. Like most of their building kits, they remind me of a prototype that I've seen somewhere. Not necessarily the same building, but one sorta like it. I think that that's the reason that I like them so much for kitbashing: they look believeable. However, that doesn't mean that you have to believe that any particular kit can only be what the box says it is. Here are a couple of those stamping plants.
    This one was built almost the way Walthers intended, although I moved some doors and windows around, and altered the loading docks. Instead of stamping out fenders and quarter panels, though, they're crankin' out electric washing machines, with wringers. Raw materials come in by rail, mostly in 40' boxcars, except for the occasional tankcar of paint, and finished washers go out in boxcars, mostly 50-footers. There's also a truck dock, mostly for deliveries to local dealers. Here, a leased CNR loco spots a carload of electric motors.

    The factory in the background was made from two stamping plants, plus a couple of walls from a George Roberts Printing building. I remember passing the prototype as a small child, with my Mom. For some reason, I always got a kick out of their sign that proclaimed: Mercury Knitting Mills Ltd. - Makers of High Grade Hosiery for Women and Men - and Underwear for Men, Women, and Children. While my model is almost three feet long, the prototype was huge: more than six acres of floor space in four storeys, and over 1100 employees. Hamilton, Ontario was a big centre for textile mills, from the 1800's into the 1950's, but all are now gone. While this plant ships and receives by rail, I've been told that it's not likely that baled cotton would be shipped this far north by rail. My story is that it moves by ship to a nearby port, then to the mill by rail.

    By the way, my thanks to Larry and Josh for getting things rolling here.

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    WOW Wayne. I enjoyed reading your post and liked the pics even better. I love that second pic of the stamping plant. It looks amazing as usual lol. Great job and your welcome:thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

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