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Discussion in 'Tips & Tricks' started by Woodie, Apr 24, 2001.

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    Nice,n,easy Just about every "how to" I,ve read advocates the use of eye droppers to glue down ballast,I,ve tried eye droppers, syeringes, and some other things that you spend more time filling than glueing Then one bright young day when m,lady finished colouring her hair she asked if I had a use for that groovy little squirt bottle. Well yes dear I quickly replied (paraphrase).They hold a goodly amount of glue and are easy to control and have a fine tip
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    Yes I agree Relic.
    I used eyedrops once and realised there must be another way. You have it :thumb:
  3. interurban

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  4. Relic

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    Just as kind of an xperiment I hacked up a CD case tand used it for windows for one of my cabooses, would probably work for lots of other stuff

    poverty is the mother of invention
  5. martyv

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    Did you use a Dremel tool with an abrasive blade to cut the CD case? Your right the use for that type of material are ever expanding.

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    Speaking of windows, I cut up the plastic packaging from Atlas turnouts to make window glass all the time. It' good to recycle!
    In another post I mention that I use roofing felt (tarpaper) for roads. I cut up used wooden matches and paint then to represent ties. I stack them near yards and scatter broken ones along right of ways.
    Wedding veil material makes great chain link fencing. My wife was going to discard about eight yards of will last a lifetime!
    Pennies and Walthers Goo are a cheap way to add weight to anything. 1/10th the cost of A-Line weights. These work especially well in containers going in those lightweight well cars.
  7. Relic

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    No Marty I just scribe 'em with a knife and snap 'em off I suspect there would be some melting involved with a Dremel(whady mean it has a low speed??)
  8. John Hubbard

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    Here's a good one: use electrical solder to form hoses. Solder comes in various diameters so you can pick the right one for your scale/application. It is easily formed with your fingers into realistic "draping" and coils. And, it stays in shape once formed. There's a picture of my Class A Climax elsewhere on this forum, and you can see a siphon hose on it.

    Click on this link to see the picture:

    John Hubbard
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    Along that line I think others have mentiond using the clear plastic coverings for almost everything from soldering irons to printer cartridges and the various bulk packs that you get at the large discount warehouses like COSTCO, Sam's Club, etc. for windows. It is easy to use and store and does "recycle" the product. :) :)
  10. Ralph

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    Wish I'd read this one a week ago John! I used spaghetti! It works fine, by the way, but solder would be easier to shape...and certainly easier to reshape if I wanted to change it later! :)
  11. ezdays

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    The speghetti is easier to shape if you cook it first.sign1 sign1 sign1 sign1
  12. Ralph

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    Thanks for the tip Don! :) The other nice thing about using spaghetti is that you can eat your mistakes!
  13. xtcrr

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    I recommend you ask for the used up tools that your dentist no longer can use...

    Use foam and put in blender and add green color to it now you have your own ground foam

    Used up Toner from lazer printers spread this on your rocks and give it great detail.
  14. Tap

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    FOr the barbed wire on top of a fence:
    open up a small 120 type motor (found in the spinbrushes or any other electric toothbrush) or any other electric object with a coil. Unravel the fine wire and roll it around a pencil. Then buff it with VERY fine grit sandpaper to take the shiny off

    Voila! most of the time it is copper wire, so you have instant weathering, now slightly unroll it and glue it on top of the fence, you know have that "slinky" style barbed wire
  15. Tap

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    if you want n or ho scale people to stand up, use a hole puncher and punch a hole in plister pack plastic, you know have a base to glue the little people on before putting then in the layout.
  16. Will_annand

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    Do you use the blender, before or after your wife makes her fruit smoothies?
  17. Sunburn

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    Some more items....

    concertina wire (stand alone OR topping fences) = stretched springs

    bulk glass = acetate sheets (check with a local printer for their used sheets)

    sheet metal = used printing plates (check with a local printer for their used plates)

    hedges = greenie meanies (y'know those green scrub pads?)

    fenceposts = pins with the bulbed head (paint appropriately)

    Shrinky Dinks?
  18. Sunburn

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    one more...

    for pierside uses...

    bits or maybe windlasses (for mooring lines) = plastic thumbtacks
  19. chessie4155

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    Hey Gang; Just joined up. nice place yuall have here. For some cheap and easy 55 gal.drums use the metal band that holds the eraser on a lead pencil. You can paint them up in any color/s you want.
  20. hooknlad

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    cheap and easy fence

    I discovered a roll of mesh spacklers tape at work, and it mysteriously disappeared from the job and made its way onto my layout - hmmm could it be mind over matter - i dont think so -lol :thumb:

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