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    Im ready to start laying track, and I have the shape I want, but what is the best way to lay that design out on my mat, and insure I mantain the functionability, in other words how do I lay it out without laying out some weird curve or elevation that will not work? or is that not so much of a concern and eyeballing it is good enough?
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    First of all, you should have a plan to work off of - preferably to scale. If you're following the MR article to a "T", you've already got it. I use several radius templates to draw the centerline of my curves, and straight edges for the straight runs. Make sure the curves and straight runs meet at a tangent point. Don't try to "cheat" the curve and leave a kink where it meets the straight sections. And always keep in mind that good, flowing trackwork is the key to reliable running. Don't rush it.
    Good luck...!!!:thumb:
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