Tips for Unplugging Tight Deans Plugs?

Discussion in 'RC General & Getting Started' started by Kailolo, Jul 14, 2003.

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  1. Kailolo

    Kailolo New Member

    Well, I've started replacing Tamiya plugs with Deans Ultra Plugs. However, the Deans plugs are EXTREMELY TIGHT! SO tight my 10-year can't unplug them.

    Any tips for easier unplugging?

    Leave a small gap between the male and female parts when connecting, large enough for a screw driver to insert and pry them apart?l (Risks shorting the battery?) Use a plastic or wooden pry?

    Insert a ribbon between the male and female plugs; then pull on the ribbon to disconnect? Perhaps anchor (melt or glue the ribbon to the male plug so it can't be lost.

    Compress the metal compression strip with pliers?

    Drive a tiny screw or nail through each plug as a grip?

    Melt the wire end of the Deans plastic housing to create a ridge for gripping? I did this by accident when soldering. Seems like Deans should mold in grips.

    Lift weights?

    Also, the exposed leads on the Deans male plug I put on the charger have me a bit nervous. Guess I'll can plug the charger in AFTER the battery is connected. But I think I'll look for a housing to slip over the male end to cover the leads. Then melt or glue it in place. Any ideas?

    Or I may reinstall the stock Tamiya plug on the charger and make a Tamiya female-Deans male connector, which would be attached to a battery before attacing to the charger.


  2. AzNDRAGster

    AzNDRAGster New Member

    Nah, just talk your hobby knife and make small ridges along the plug this makes it easier to grip.
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